Ebook or EPaper

From E-Book to E-Paper

E-books are the slim screens about the size of a thin hardback that many believe could spell the end for the printed book: the crucial technology is called E-Paper, which is what makes a changeable, computer-style screen possible without the use of back lighting.
  • No electricity is used to preserve the image on an E-Reader,
  •  the image is created simply by reflecting light,
  •  EPaper can achieve a contrast ratio similar to newspaper print.
  •  Colour versions,
  • Wi-Fi and faster speeds are all in development.

These are the new features that companies such as Sony and Amazon hope will clinch widespread adoption.
The most popular E-Paper technology in use is called electrophoretic. β€œAn electric charge is used to arrange titanium dioxide particles – and the Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, and IREX iLiad all use this version. There are at least half a dozen other technologies available, which have been used in wallpaper, mobile phone keypads to allow international character sets, wristwatches and credit cards. “

With the advent of ebooks, students from engineering and medical field are like to be benefited most. Engineering students can use engineering eBooks whereas Medical students can use beautifully made medical eBooks or Digital interactive books.

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