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Future of E-Books

Seiko Epson, for instance, has already developed a prototype for a reader that’s
  • only an eighth of an inch thick and features a 6.7 inch diagonal screen–larger than Kindle’s six inch diagonal display.
  • A Dutch spin-off from Phillips, called i-Rex, has created the i-Liad, an e-reader that sports a massive 8.1 inch e-ink display and allows users to write on its surface with a stylus.
  • Another former Phillips company, known as Polymer Vision, is building an even flashier gadget:
By embedding e-ink technology on a thin plastic foil instead of a sheet of glass, the company has developed┬ároll able, wrapable displays. Their Readius’s five-inch diagonal screen folds around a small plastic core, packing a Kindle-sized screen into a cellphone-sized device.

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