CBSE Sample Paper Class XII, Geography





Time Allowed:3Hours                                  M.M.70


General Instruction:

i) Answer all the questions.    

ii) Question no 1 TO 10 short answer questions of 3 mark each. Answer to each of these should 80 words..

iii) Question 11 to 15  are short answer type questions of 4 marks each. Answer to each of these should not exceeds 120 words.

iv) Questions 16 to 18also long answer questions of 5 marks each. Answer to each of these should not exceed 70 words.

v) Questions 19 contains test items of very short answer. its of 5 marks.

Vii) Maps of the world andIndiaprovided to you must be attached with your answer book.



1)     Which are the three core points of a definition of human geography given by Ellen

C. Sempel. (3)

      2)  State 3 characteristics of each tertiary and quaternary activities ?(3)

     3)  Why is agriculture still an important primary in the world? Give three reason (3)

     4)  Difference between Shifting and sedentary agriculture ? (3)

     5)  What is the role of seaport in foreign trade? (3)

     6) Distinguish between natural and human resources (3)

     7) The sex ratio in Indiahas been declining through the 20th centaury .Explain three

         reasons to support the statement . (3)

     8) difference between Pastoral Nomadism and communal live stock rearing ?(3)


     9) Three factor of development which have greatly influenced the efficiency of Ocean

         transport? (3)


    10) What are linear cluster settlement ?Write 4 general feature of these settlements?(3)

  11) Why are high-tech industries in many countries attracted to the peripheral areas of  

         major metropolitan cities ? (4)

  12) Describe any two problems of Urban waste disposal with reference to Indian cities?


  13) Explain the pattern of migration from spatial and temporal point of view. ? (4)


 14) The share of railways in total passenger has decreased while share of goods and passengers increase in the road transport. (4)

 15) List 4 effects of air pollutions on health? (4)


 16) Explain any 5 factors which effects the population distribution inIndia? (5)


 17) Any five feature of Indian Rural Houses . (5)


 18) What is planning? Explain planning process inIndia. What type of planning should

       be done to bring inequitable grown policies ? (5)


 19) Mark on the map ofIndia..

      i)Mark 6 majorportofIndia, 3 in west coast and 3 in west coast.


       On the map of world .

i)              The country having highest population inAfrica.

ii)             Western terminal Canadian pacific railway.

iii)            The largest silver producing country .

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