CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Papers 2021 | Download PDF

CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Papers: 12th Board exam is one of the most important exams in the life of a student. So you should take it seriously and score a better mark in the exam. CBSE board releases Class 12 Sample question papers and marking schemes for all subjects of class 12 every year. By solving these sample papers, you will have a preview of the board question paper.

In this article, we are providing you with Geography Sample Paper Class 12 from the academic year 2015-2016 to 2020-2021.

Latest CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Papers 2021 With Answers

You should solve the sample papers after completion of the CBSE Class 12 Syllabus. You can give a finishing touch to their preparation by practicing CBSE sample papers regularly. Also, You can analyze the exam preparation by going through the marking scheme and answer key. Accordingly, you can work on your weaker sections.

To score a better mark in the Class 12 Geography exam, you solve questions as much as possible, whether it is Previous year’s papers, sample question papers, or exercise questions. CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Papers help you to get prior experience before they attempt the final exam.

Download Sample Paper of Geography Class 12 2020-21

Also, you will get to know if your preparation is in the right direction not. You can test your knowledge for all these subjects and get confident about the answers.

Exclusive Year-wise CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Papers PDF

CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Papers will help you to understand the difficulty of the exam and the type of questions asked in it. It is based on the latest CBSE 12th Geography Syllabus. You can boost your confidence and reduce the fear of the exam.

Click the link mentioned in the below table to download cbse nic in sample papers class 12:

Geography Sample Papers

Marking Scheme

Class 12 Geography Sample Paper 2020-21


Marking Scheme 2020-21

Sample Question Papers 2019-20

Marking Scheme 2019-20

Sample Question Papers 2018-19

Marking Scheme 2018-19

Sample Question Papers 2017-18

Marking Scheme 2017-18

Sample Question Papers 2016-17

Marking Scheme 2016-17

Sample Question Papers 2015-16

Marking Scheme 2015-16

Apart from the official sample papers, we have provided a few more sample papers for students to practice. These papers are created by experts as per the CBSE Class 12 curriculum.

You can also download the sample Papers from multiple authors from our website. download Sample Papers from Oswaal and MBD for Better Preparations.

  • Oswaal CBSE 12th Geography sample papers
  • MBD 12th Geography Sample Papers

Must Read: CBSE 12th Geography Oswaal CBSE Sample Papers

Oswaal CBSE 12th Geography Sample Papers have covered the questions from the last ten years and all the important topics.

You can easily download the Oswaal Geography Sample Papers for Class 12 by clicking the link given below and start solving them.

Must Read: CBSE 12th Geography MBD Sample Papers

You can also refer MBD sample after Oswaal. They have covered all the important topics. Experts have created the sample papers to provide you a clear idea about the Geography board exam. So you can practice better and score a high grade.

Highly Important Links For CBSE Class 12 Geography

You should have the following study materials to boost your exam preparation for the Class 12 Geography exam. Click on the link to access the study materials.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Papers

Here you can check a few notable benefits of solving the CBSE class 12 Geography sample papers.

  • By practicing the CBSE 12 Geography sample paper 2021, you can learn better time management. It will help you to manage the time during exams.
  • After practicing the Geography sample papers, you can develop a better exam strategy to solve various sections based on their strong and weak concepts.
  • If you solve the 12th CBSE Geography Sample Question Papers, it will help you to test yourself. You can easily know your current preparation level. Accordingly, you can work on them.
  • Solving the 12th Geography Sample Question Papers will help students to identify their silly mistakes.

We have covered a detailed guide on CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Papers 2020-21. Feel free to ask any questions related to the 12th Geography Sample Papers in the comment section below.

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