CBSE Class 12 Geography 2022 | Syllabus, Question Papers, Notes, & Solutions

CBSE Class 12 Geography

CBSE Class 12 Geography: Geography Class 12 is an elective subject for those students who wish to pursue further studies in the field of their academic interest in the field of cartography, regional and urban planning, GIS, and remote sensing, metrology, rural development, and environmental issues. In this article, we have provided the complete details CBSE Class 12 Geography Exam.

Term-Wise CBSE Class 12 Geography Syllabus for Academic Year 2021-22

Here you can take a look at the units included in CBSE Geography Syllabus along with the marks distribution.

Term 1 & 2 Class 12 CBSE Geography Syllabus And Marks Distribution 2021-22



No. of




Fundamentals of Human Geography


35 Marks


Unit 1: Human Geography




Unit 2: People



Unit 3: Human Activities



Unit 4: Transport, Communication and Trade



Unit 5: Human settlements



Map Work




India: People and Economy


35 Marks


Unit 6: People




Unit 7: Human Settlements



Unit 8: Resources and Development



Unit 9: Transport, Communication and International




Unit 10: Geographical Perspective on selected issues and problems



Map Work






70 Marks


Practical Work in Geography Part II


30 Marks


Unit 1: Processing of Data and Thematic Mapping




Unit 2: Field study or Spatial Information Technology




Practical Record Book and Viva Voce



CBSE Class 12 Geography Books

NCERT books are considered to be the best choice for preparation but it is advisable to refer to other books for a better understanding of the subject. Here the list of some Class 12 Geography Books that are considered by the students while preparing for the Geography examination.

Here you can download NCERT Textbook for Class 12 Geography for Hindi and English Medium.

CBSE Class 12 Geography Textbooks in English

CBSE Class 12 Geography Textbooks in Hindi

Fundamentals of Human Geography

मानव भूगोल के मूल सिद्धांत 

India-People and Economy

भारत लोग और अर्थव्यवस्था

Practical Working Geography part II

भूगोल मे प्रयोगात्मक कार्य 

Class 12 Geography All Chapter Name

You will find the following chapters in the 12th Geography CBSE

Fundamentals of Human Geography

  • Chapter 1 Human Geography (Nature and Scope)
  • Chapter 2 The World Population (Distribution, Density, and Growth)
  • Chapter 3 Population Composition
  • Chapter 4 Human Development
  • Chapter 5 Primary Activities
  • Chapter 6 Secondary Activities
  • Chapter 7 Tertiary and Quaternary Activities
  • Chapter 8 Transport and Communication
  • Chapter 9 International Trade
  • Chapter 10 Human Settlements

India – People and Economy

  • Chapter 11 Population: Distribution, Density, Growth, and Composition
  • Chapter 12 Migration: Types, Causes, and Consequences
  • Chapter 13 Human Development
  • Chapter 14 Human Settlements
  • Chapter 15 Land Resources and Agriculture
  • Chapter 16 Water Resources
  • Chapter 17 Mineral and Energy Resources
  • Chapter 18 Manufacturing Industries
  • Chapter 19 Planning and Sustainable Development in the Indian Context
  • Chapter 20 Transport And Communication
  • Chapter 21 International Trade
  • Chapter 22 Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problems

CBSE Class 12 Geography NCERT Solutions 2021-22

CBSE 12th NCERT solutions are the best books to follow as they are specifically designed for CBSE classes. These NCERT Class 12 Geography books contain chapter-wise questions and answers.

CBSE recommends NCERT books and most of the questions do come from NCERT textbooks. NCERT solutions are up to date based on the textbooks, with the latest modifications as per the CBSE 12th Geography syllabus.

 Download Highly Effective Oswaal Solutions for more practice.

CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Question Papers

CBSE releases sample question papers every year for the students so that their preparation could become much better as well to get used to the format of the question paper. You should have the following materials to find the complete question papers related to CBSE 12th Exam

Download In-Demand Oswaal sample papers for more practice.

CBSE Class 12 Geography Previous Year Papers

Solving the question papers that are released by the CBSE during the same year as well as solving the previous year’s question papers helps to a great extent. It will help to develop speed and understand the question and respond quickly. This will help where you stand, your strengths, and where you need to focus for further preparation.

CBSE 12th Geography Question Bank

The question bank for CBSE 12th will have all the questions and answers and also multiple-choice questions. Every chapter gets covered in the question bank. The question bank questions help students in getting accustomed to the type of questions asked from each chapter.

CBSE 12th Geography Revision Notes

The CBSE 12th Geography revision notes are prepared by all the expert teachers from the latest NCERT books. These pdf documents contain all the notes in Part A, B, and C. This will help the student prepare better during the time of examination. They don’t need to flip through pages of a physical book if they go online and search in pdf documents. It eases the process.

We have covered a detailed guide on CBSE 12th Geography. Feel Free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

FAQ: CBSE Class 12 Geography 2022

Is CBSE reducing the syllabus for 2021?

CBSE board exam 2021: CBSE may reduce the syllabus for classes 9-12. It was reduced by 30% last year. … CBSE board exam 2021: Students and Teachers related to the CBSE board are hoping that CBSE will reduce syllabus this year too.

From where can I get the CBSE 12th Geography Question Bank?

You can refer to the above article to get the CBSE 12th Geography Question Bank.

Which refresher is best for Class 12 geography?

MBD Super Refresher Geography For Class-12 ( Based On The Latest CBSE Syllabus Issued By NCERT ) For (2020-2021) Examination (Paperback, Prof. Anand Rushpinder Kaur)

What is geography?

Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments. Geographers explore both the physical properties of Earth’s surface and the human societies spread across it. Geography seeks to understand where things are found, why they are there, and how they develop and change over time.

Is Ncert enough for Class 12 boards?

Yes, NCERT Class 12 Maths Books are enough to get good marks in the board exams. Just make sure you cover all the exercises and learn the theorems. Also, do not skip any topic of CBSE 12th Maths syllabus .

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