CBSE Sample Paper Class XII, Geography

CBSE Sample Paper





Time Allowed:3Hours                                                                                  M.M.100


General Instruction:

i) Answer all the questions.    

ii) Question no 1 TO 10 short answer questions of three mark each. Answer to each of these should 80 words..

iii) Question 11 to 15  are short answer type questions of 4 marks each. Answer to each of these should not exceeds 120 words.

iv) Questions 16 to 18also long answer questions of 5 marks each. Answer to each of these should not exceed 70 words.

v) Questions 19 contains test items of very short answer.its of 5 marks.


Vii) Maps of the world and India provided to you must be attached with your answer book.



1) Which six types of essential facts in Human Geography did Jean Brunes mention? (3)


2) What is commercial Livestock rearing? Write four chracterstics of it .(3)


3) What are the three components of International trade.(3)


4) Examine the relationship between resources and economic development.(3)


5) Write any four uses of copper.Name of the two producing states ofIndia(2+1)


6) Study the map  and write the answers of the following questions in your answer book (1+1+1)

a. Name the railway line shown inAustralia? the important terminal stations inAustralia.

c.Name the 2 ocean coasts which are being connected by this railway lines.


7)  Study the Indian map and answer the questions..(3)

  1. Name the major industrial regions.
  2. what led to the development of these regions



 8)Describe any three programmes designed to reduce regional disparities under the integrated Area.Approach and local planning programme. (3)


9)Distributions of roads is not uniforms in the country. Do you agree? Give reasons.(3)


10) Describe the four favourable physical conditions for the cultivations and also name four major wheat producing regions in the world (2+2)


11) Humans used different means of communication ever since they appeared on the earth through it has changed rapidly over the years Prove the statement. (4)


12) Describe salient features of Indian towns and cities. (4)


13) What role do major seaports play in the development of our country?Name recently developed ports ,one each on west and east coast. State the main purpose of theor development. (2+1+1)


14) What is the impact of Globalsation on Agriculture?and major problems facing by Indian agriculture. (2+2)


15) Explain the factors affecting rate of Literacy (5)


16) Name any 5 types of rural settlement pattern developed in different parts of the world and write one typical feature of each type.(5)


17)Discuss  any five factors,Which affect the population distribution in India.(5)


18)What is the difference between importance ofSuez canalandPanamacanal..(5)


19) In the given map of world mark

    1.whats most important port

    2.Suez canal

   3. Trans Siberian railway


on the given map ofIndiamark


  1. the least urbanized state.
  2. Important tea producing state
  3. state recarding highest level of HDI

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