CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes: Are you wondering about the methods which you can adopt to secure a good position in the final CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Exam? Don’t Worry! We have come up with the right kind of solution for your Chemistry subject.

The answer to all your problems is CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes. The things which we will be focusing on in this blog are related to the essential aspects of Biology’s well-researched CBSE notes for the 2020-21 session. Apart from solving the 12th Chemistry Question Papers or sample papers you also need to restructure your Chapter-wise Class 12 Chemistry notes.

In this blog, we have thrown a light on the benefits of referring to the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Chapter-wise Notes. Read all the parts with an attentive mind.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Notes 2021 | Downloadable PDF format

The age we are living in is certainly one of the advanced times people ever imagined. The advent of soft copy and online learning has put a solid impact on the foundation of the educational platform. Henceforth we are also here with the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes PDF.

Getting down the classroom notes and going for tuition classes are genuinely providing support for your exam. However, chemistry is a very hard subject that requires more assistance to have a solid finish to the course. Therefore opting for revision notes is certainly the best path you choose.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Notes PDF

Chapters covered in class 12 CBSE Chemistry format notes are listed below-

  • Chapter 1- The Solid State (Classification – natural and synthetic, methods, classification of solids, etc.)
  • Chapters 2- Solutions (Physical properties – boiling point, elevation in boiling, osmotic pressure, vapour pressures, etc.)
  • Chapter 3- Electrochemistry (Galvanic cells, Electrolytic cells, Electrochemical cells, etc.)
  • Chapter 4- Chemical Kinetics (instantaneous rate, chemical reaction – average rate, rate equations, etc.)
  • Chapter 5- Surface Chemistry
  • Chapter 6- General Principles and Process of Isolation
  • Chapter 7- The p-Block element (nature of solute, acidic nature, and so on)
  • Chapter 8- The d & f block element (theory of metals, band theory, etc.)
  • Chapter 9- Coordination compound
  • Chapter 10- Haloalkanes & Haloarenes
  • Chapter 11- Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers (Definition of alcohols, Preparation of alcohol, primary alcohols, etc.)
  • Chapter 12- Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids
  • Chapter 13- Amines
  • Chapter 14- Biomolecules (- primary, secondary, tertiary structure, the structure of proteins, etc.)
  • Chapter 15- Polymers (Definition of polymers, etc.)
  • Chapter 16- Chemistry in everyday life

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Download CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes Free PDF

And downloading the 12th Class Chemistry Revision Notes PDF lets you work on your notes, classroom lectures, and everything at the convenience of your home. This helps you study comfortably in your own space and zone which you definitely need for a complicated subject such as chemistry. 

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What are CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes?

Chemistry being a very complex and practical subject requires a comprehensive idea to answer the question. It provides you with the knowledge of basics that formulates every single object surrounding us. Not only it is interesting but also very vital in contributing to the world of humans. ]

Chemistry is what lets us study penicillin, then it took us to the application of various forms of drugs. Thus improving the lifestyle which developed every decade till now. And like we already mentioned Chemistry adds value to your biodata thus enhancing your chances to plenty of future prospects.

Hence, you need to focus and start reading 12th Chemistry Revision Notes to score fantastic in your upcoming board exam.

Additionally, chemistry is one of the important science stream topics for students that comes loaded with theories, formulas, reactions, and more which requires frequent revision. Reading through all the chapters just to pay a look at the formulas, theories, and reactions might be a burden with all the other academic pressure. 

Benefits of CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes

  1. 12th Chemistry Revision Notes helps you check down the only portions that you need to revise instantly. It is a quicker way to check the query and get to a conclusion.
  2. After you are done with the textbook, sample paper, previous year’s question paper, going through the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes is certainly the best, for it lets you get to the topics in depth.
  3. The more you revise the chapters the better you get before exams, which is very much essential for solid performance in your examination hall.
  4. Lastly, chemistry is a very important subject that is loaded with formulas, equations, reactions, and theories, therefore checking down the same from time to time is sure to benefit you not only for your boards but also for the future goals you set.

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How To prepare with CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes?

  1. Write down a reachable timetable and make sure to stick to the same till your finals.
  2. Download the 12th Chemistry Revision Notes and revise the topics chapter-wise.
  3. Once you are done with CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes, make sure to sit with the previous year’s question paper or sample paper of the same chapters you revised.
  4. Self evaluate since nothing beats self-evaluation for robust exam preparation. Check where are you gone wrong, and then work on the concerned areas. Also, write down down the answers to the questions which you were unable to attend.
  5. Do the practice very often to challenge your potentiality and improve with every time.

We have covered the complete guide on CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes. If you face any sort of issues regarding any topic, make sure to come to us, for we are always here to help you out. We hope you perform great for the finals.

FAQs- CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes

1. How to download CBSE Class12th Chemistry Quick Revision Notes?

Read the above article to download CBSE Class12th Chemistry Quick Revision Notes.

2. How CBSE Class 12 chemistry Revision Notes is useful?

Referring to the Chemistry notes helps you to understand the basic concepts with respect to the relevance. It helps you check down the only portions that you need to revise instantly. 

3. What are the useful books for structuring your CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes?

Go through the above blog for the list of useful books for structuring your Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes.

4. How to start revisions for class 12 chemistry?

The important topics for class 12 chemistry must be placed at the top and arranged by following the general pattern. You can come across different kinds of questions from various chapters and the revision notes help you keep track of the topics that are getting repeated in the test papers.

5. How many hours should I study chemistry in revision time?

One-Two hours is enough for chemistry. During the revision time solve the previous year’s question papers daily.

6. Which is the best question bank for the Class 12 chemistry exam?

Oswaal is the best for Class 12 chemistry.

7. What is the toughest unit Class 12 chemistry?

Some p -Block Elements is the toughest unit in Class 12 chemistry.

8. Which is the easiest chapter in class 12 chemistry?

Structure of Atom is the easiest chapter in class 12 chemistry.

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