CBSE Class 11 Hindi NCERT Solutions

CBSE Class 11 Hindi NCERT Solutions: Teachers with immense experience from across the country help create NCERT solutions for Hindi for the students of class 11 studying under the CBSE syllabus. The books are according to the latest guidelines and cover various concepts related to the subject, allowing students to understand them.

If you are a student of class 11 studying under the CBSE syllabus, then you can get NCERT solutions for the Hindi subject along with a host of other helpful resources. They are available on different websites, and you can download them as PDF documents.

The solutions also include questions along with their answers. The teachers who prepare the solutions extract those questions from the textbooks that are crucial for the examinations.

So, NCERT recommends that you go through their solutions to get a better understanding of each chapter and score well in the exams.

CBSE Class 11 Hindi NCERT Solutions

The Hindi language subject for CBSE class 11 consists of four textbooks. NCERT has designed solutions for each of these four books. Students can get these solutions books for free by visiting the websites authorized to host them.

The four Hindi textbooks prescribed for the students of class 11 from the CBSE stream include ‘Antra’, ‘Antral’, ‘Aroh’, and ‘Vitan.’ Each of these textbooks consists of a set of chapters. The solutions from NCERT explain them concisely, and each chapter is as per the syllabus and the books. So, students can grasp them thoroughly.

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About Chapter-Wise NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 11 Hindi

Each of the four books, that is, Antra, Antral, Aroh, and Vitan, consist of different chapters that are a combination of prose and poetry. For instance, the Antra book has 19 chapters, of which, nine chapters are prose, and the rest is poetry. Similarly, the Antral book has only three chapters that cover various prose topics.

Aroh has a total of 20 chapters. Of these, ten chapters come under the prose section, and the other ten chapters are poems. Likewise, the Vitan textbook also has only three prose chapters.

So, in this way, the chapters come in alternating forms in all the four textbooks. That is, the Antra and Aroh have 19 and 20 chapters each, consisting of both prose and poetry, while the Antral and Vitan have only three prose chapters.

The syllabus for the Hindi language for the students of class 11 studying under the CBSE syllabus consists of one core subject and one elective. Besides the four primary textbooks, the core syllabus also includes project work. The students must complete the project to score a percentage of the marks. Students also learn to read and write passages, letters, and essays, among other things. All these also carry marks for the final examination.

Apart from these, they also get to learn numbers along with their meanings. So, the Hindi language as a subject for students of class 11 studying under the CBSE syllabus also constitutes various other aspects such as number systems, letter and essay writing, and project work.

Helpful Resources

Besides the four primary textbooks and the solutions from NCERT, there are other resources available for the Hindi language for the students of class 11. Worksheets, sample question papers, previous year question papers, and other such study material help students to come out with flying colors is not only the main exams of class 11 but also in the class 12 board examinations.

So, teachers must recommend that students practise the language with the help of worksheets and sample and previous year question papers, so that they can score well in the examinations.

Advantages of NCERT Solutions for Hindi for CBSE Class 11

There are hundreds of advantages of going through solutions designed by NCERT, for a subject like Hindi. The solutions help students to understand different concepts related to the language. They also enable them to learn about the history of the language and the cultural inference it has today. Likewise, there are other such benefits of studying the Hindi language from NCERT solutions.

1. Clarity and Conciseness

All the NCERT solutions, including the ones for the Hindi language, are clear and concise. They explain the different concepts in an easy-to-understand way. The books come in a chapter-wise format, just like the textbooks. So, students can navigate from one chapter to the other without any trouble. They have different sections, such as prose and poetry, so you will know where to find each chapter.

2. Accessibility

NCERT Solutions for the Hindi language for those students of class 11 who are studying under the CBSE syllabus are also accessible. They are available as PDFs that you can download on the go.

3. Cost

NCERT Solutions for the Hindi subject for students of class 11 studying under the CBSE syllabus are free of cost. So, students can get their copies from the Internet at no charges, unlike the physical copies, which you may need to buy.

4. Syllabus-wise Solved Questions

NCERT Solutions for the Hindi subject for CBSE class 11 have both solved questions and exercises for practice. By answering exercise questions, students can equip themselves to write their exams. And if they are unable to find the answers, they can always refer to the solutions given in the books.

So, you can use not only the textbooks but also the solutions from NCERT and a host of other such resources to prepare yourself to face the exams. Unlike classes, one to ten, the concepts taught in class 11 can be challenging to grasp at times. However, with the help of NCERT solutions, you can understand them quickly and easily, and score well in the exams.


We have covered a detailed guide on CBSE Class 11 Hindi NCERT Solutions. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

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