CBSE Class 11 Hindi Sample Papers With Solutions

Are you looking for a reliable guide to crack your 11th Hindi exam? Then you are in the right place. You better try out these sample papers based on the latest 11th Hindi Syllabus to give a boost to your preparation.

Students need to get a thorough look at the sample questions from the last ten years to have a vivid analysis of the type and level of difficulty. You can easily download the sample question papers in PDF format, then practice at home to have the subject into grasp.

We are here with CBSE Class 11 Hindi sample papers with solutions pdf. You can easily download the content and work as per your convenience.

CBSE Class 11 Hindi Sample Papers With Solutions

Sample questions paper are basically prepared to keep in mind the original question paper of the particular subject. Therefore sample paper is equipped with course structure from the latest syllabus. These question samples offer the students with an overview of the real exam. CBSE every year releases samples paper concerning each of the subjects. We are here with sample papers to offer students a thorough idea about what will come in the exam.

Undoubtedly 11th Hindi sample paper 2020 is best to prepare for the 2021 exam. Besides offering students with a vivid understanding of the difficulty level, it will also help them to chalk down the important portions of the chapters. 

Once you solve a sample paper you will witness a sense of self-confidence and an improvement in your preparation. Also, this will reduce the sense of anxiety.

The above sample paper PDF covers the sample question papers from 2015-2016 till 2019-2020.

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Advantages Of CBSE Class 11 Hindi Sample Papers

11th Hindi sample paper 2020 offers students with deep knowledge about the chapters and important topics that came into the previous year. Thus letting students know which sections they need to study this year to score great.

Other benefits concerning the same as follows-

  1. A student gets to learn about the actual question patterns while solving the papers.
  2. It offers the student a vivid detail about the marking schemes.
  3. Additionally, the practice of solving the sample paper will deliver an in-depth analysis of the subject and the topics.
  4. Lastly, these practice sessions would offer students with self-evaluation to learn and improvise in specific areas.


We have provided all the details regarding the CBSE Class 11 Hindi sample question papers. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the same.

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