CBSE Class 11 English Grammar 2021

CBSE Class 11 English Grammar

CBSE Class 11 English Grammar 2021: English grammar as a subject for class 11 has different topics that enable students to learn varied concepts, including adjectives, adverbs, and the like. Additionally, they will also study the rules of English grammar, such as where to use a full-stop, a comma, or even a question mark.

The textbook prescribed for English Grammar for 11th is easy to understand, and you can become adept at the language by going through it. Learning English grammar will also enhance your confidence in not only speaking the language but also in reading and writing it. You will also be able to develop sound people skills.

CBSE Class 11 English Grammar 2021

English has become an essential language that needs to be known for better communication purposes and a method to convey your thoughts. It is more like a language rather than a subject that has achieved a unique place in the syllabus. A language is defined by its structure and grammar. 

English grammar for class 11 students have been given here to help them speak and write the English properly without any grammatical mistakes. The listening and speaking skills will help students to grab attention of the people surrounding them. Learn how to speak well and listen well here with the learning materials given.

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11th English Syllabus
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CBSE Class 11 English Grammar Reading

Below are the factual and discursive comprehension passage writing explained for students of class 11. Students can practice writing unseen passages here by using these materials and practicing them.

  • Unseen Passage for Class 11 Factual
  • Unseen Passage for Class 11 Discursive
  • Note Making Class 11

CBSE Class 11 English Grammar Writing | English Grammar Class 11

In this section, we will learn to write notice, advertisement, posters, which will help to write documents which are needed to be published publicly. Writing a narrative, report, or speech also require grammar to be written properly. Also, if we want to write letters for any particular purpose such as for a business deal, for an enquiry, or for making a complaint, we have to use very formal words and should know how to write these letters in a polite manner. Henceforth, we have provided here types of letter writing for class 11 students to make it easy for them to write letters in future following the rules. We have also provided sample letters for a brief learning.

  • Notice Writing
  • Advertisement Writing
  • Poster Writing
  • Letter Writing
  • Business Letter
  • Letter of Enquiry
  • Letter of Complaint
  • Letters to the Editor Format
  • Letter for Job Application
  • Letter to School Authorities
  • Article Writing
  • Speech Writing Format
  • Report Writing
  • Narrative Writing

CBSE Class 11 English Grammar Syllabus

In this section, we will learn the grammar used in English for Class 11 students. The basic grammar includes tenses such as past tense, present tense and future tense. Here we will learn about determiners, clauses, arranging jumbled sentences, arranging jumbled words, editing and omission of words, transformation of sentences. Also, we will come across how to change a statement from active voice to passive voice and vice versa with the help of examples. To help students practice the grammar, we have also provided here exercises with answers.

  • Determiners
  • Tenses
  • Clauses  
  • Modals
  • Rearrange Jumbled Sentences in a Paragraph
  • Rearrange the Jumbled Words into a Meaningful Sentence
  • Editing and Omission
  • Transformation of Sentences
  • Active and Passive Voice

Class 11 English Grammar Book | 11th English Grammar Book

English Grammar And Composition At A Glance
CBSE Study Material For Class-XI Writing Skills and Grammar (English)
Holy Faith Essential English Grammar And Composition (Answer Key)
Schands Top Phrases With Tenses, Phrasal, Idiomatic And Normal Verbs In English
ISC Model English Essays & Report Writing

English grammar for CBSE class 11 is a vital subject, not only for the exams but also for the overall development of the students. It teaches you grammar, along with reading, writing, and speaking skills. So, you should ensure that you are thorough with all the concepts in English grammar.

FAQs on CBSE Class 11 English Grammar

Is there grammar in CBSE Class 11?

English grammar is an important topic for CBSE class 11 students, not only for exams but also for their general development.

Is it required to take English in 11th grade?

Yes. It is required to take English in 11th grade.

Which book is best for English class 11?

English by Oswaal Publications.

What is core English in 11th grade?

Students are expected to have a respectable level of language ability in English by the time they enter class XI, and the course primarily focuses on developing higher-order language skills.

In English class 11, how many chapters are there?

In English class 11, there are 8 chapters.

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