CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Previous Year Papers


Preparation plays an important role in CBSE Class 11 exam and a lot depends on the way you channelize your methods of preparation. A solid base is something that you need for a better tomorrow. You will be amazed to know the way the two classes 11 and 12 are connected.

We have highlighted some of the advantages of solving the Class XI Computer Science Question Paper. We have also attached the exam pattern to make things easier for you. Read all the sections of the blog with an attentive mind.

CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Previous Year Papers

A good performance in Class 11 automatically prepares you for the next academic year. You will lead in terms of preparation and you will also be able to respond effectively. The key to your success lies in Class 11 preparation and what is the best thing that you can do to bring change in your methods of preparation?

Yes, you need to solve the CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Question Paper as many times as possible. Today we will be talking about the need to follow 11th Class Computer Science Previous Year Question Papers and for this reason.

You must try to answer all the questions which are appearing in the question papers and the next thing you need to consider is a solved paper. You need to check the ways the questions are answered and the ways you are answering it. Practice question papers and look for the solution after solving papers.

Here you can download CBSE 11th Computer Science Question Papers.

Download CBSE 11th Computer Science Question Papers

The above Question Papers covers,

  • 11th Computer Science Question Paper 2020
  • 11th Computer Science Question Paper 2019
  • 11th Computer Science Question Paper 2018
  • 11th Computer Science Question Paper 2017
  • 11th Computer Science Question Paper 2016
  • 11th Computer Science Question Paper 2015

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What Are the Benefits of Solving 11th Computer Science Previous Year Papers?

If you want to build your career on something you need to understand the significance of a particular topic or chapter. When you start solving CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Previous Year Papers you will always stay on track and you will not be able to skip a single topic.

While attempting questions from previous papers you will see that some questions are getting repeated and the best way to handle it is by practicing question papers. You will know how much time you need to give and here CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Question Paper With Solutions can come in handy.

We have already pointed out some of the important things of solving previous year papers and now we will discuss the benefits of solving previous year papers. Read the points –

  • When you attempt questions from previous years you will be able to design your study materials in a better way.
  • You will have enough knowledge about weightage of marks, marking schemes, time duration as well as the mode of examination after facing different kinds of questions.
  • The possibility of making a mistake is low when you solve Computer Science Class 11 papers on a regular basis.
  • When you sit for your final exam your will be in a position to manage time. You will already have an idea of the time allocation after answering back to back questions.
  • You will notice a change in the speed as well as accuracy while attempting all kinds of questions from question papers.
  • Your level of confidence will get a boost when solve papers.
  • Evaluating your performance becomes easier when you prepare yourself for different kinds of questions.
  • You will know the importance of topics by answering questions from question papers and this helps you to focus more on the topics which are important for your exam.

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Examine the 11th Computer Science Exam Pattern Before Solving Previous Year Papers

You must keep an eye on the CBSE latest exam pattern for Class 11 Computer Science apart from answering questions from previous year papers. There are some modifications in the pattern every year and you make prepare yourself by tracking those changes in the exam pattern. Observing the distribution of marks is important for your performance. Here is the exam pattern –

The table highlights the marks distribution and you will also come across the list of important topics (chapter wise) for your convenience.

Total Marks 70 Duration: 3 hours

Unit No.

Unit Name





Computer Systems and Organisation





Computational Thinking and Programming





Data Management – 1





Society, Law, and Ethics – 1







Some of the important topics which fall under Computer Systems and Organization are-

  • Basic computer organization
  • Types of software
  • Memory Units
  • Boolean logic
  • Information representation
  • Strings
  • Running a program

Here are some of the topics which are covered in Computational Thinking and Programming-

  • Basics of Computational Thinking
  • Familiarization with the basics of Python programming

The topics which are considered to be important from Computational Thinking and Programming are-

  • Relational databases
  • Keys
  • Foreign keys to view the content of a table

The last part is Society, Law and Ethics – 1 and here are the highlights from the last part-

  • Cybersafety
  • Appropriate usage of social networks
  • Safely accessing web sites
  • Safely communicating data

We have covered the detailed guide on  CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Sample Papers. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

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