CBSE Class 11 Political Science – Syllabus, NCERT Solutions, Question Papers, Notes


CBSE Class 11 Political Science: Political Science deals with the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national, and international levels. Here you will develop the understandings of institutions, practices, and relations that constitute public life and modes of inquiry that promote citizenship.

In this article, we are covering everything related to CBSE Class 11 Political Science Exam. Otherwise, you will lose your chance to score a better mark in the CBSE board exam.

CBSE Class 11 Political Science

Political Science plays an essential role in CBSE Class 11 Exam for Arts Stream. If you want to know about Indian Politics and World Politics, then the subject is for you. It is also essential for those who want to pursue higher degrees or Research in Political Science.

CBSE Class 11 Political Science Books

You should have the right Class 11 Political Science book to prepare for the Exam. You should note that the book should cover the latest Political Science CBSE Syllabus. For that, NCERT Class 11 Political Science Books are the best option. It has followed the Latest CBSE syllabus.

CBSE Class 11 Political Science has two books, i.e.,

  • Indian Constitution at Work
  • Political Theory

Indian Constitution at Work

Chapters for Class 11 Political Science Indian Constitution at Work

  • Chapter 1 Constitution: Why and How?
  • Chapter 2 Rights and Duties in the Indian Constitution
  • Chapter 3 Election and Representation
  • Chapter 4 Executive
  • Chapter 5 Legislature
  • Chapter 6 Judiciary
  • Chapter 7 Federalism
  • Chapter 8 Local Governments
  • Chapter 9 Constitution as a Living Document
  • Chapter 10 The Philosophy of the Constitution

Political Theory

Chapters for Class 11 Political Science Political Theory

  • Chapter 1 Political Theory: An Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Freedom
  • Chapter 3 Equality
  • Chapter 4 Social Justice
  • Chapter 5 Rights
  • Chapter 6 Citizenship
  • Chapter 7 Nationalism
  • Chapter 8 Secularism
  • Chapter 9 Peace

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CBSE Class 11 Political Science Syllabus

In this CBSE Arts Stream Subject, you will learn about the various political situation in India and across the world. You can check the latest 11th Political Science Syllabus and Exam Pattern from below.

Exam Structure

Unit Topic Marks
Part A: Indian Constitution at Work 50
1. Philosophy of the Constitution 12
2. Rights of the Indian Constitution
3. Election and Representation 10
4. Executive
5. Legislature 10
6. Judiciary
7. Federalism 10
8. Local Governments
9. Constitution as a Living Document
Part B: Political Theory 50
10. Political Theory: An Introduction 10
11. Freedom
12. Equality 10
13. Social Justice
14. Rights 10
15. Citizenship
16. Nationalism 10
17. Secularism
18. Peace 10
19. Development

Here you will find some significant issues. In the first eight chapters, you will learn about the various past major events. The rest will cover an overview of the various problems from the recent period.

CBSE Class 11 Political Science Solutions

Class 11 Political Science solutions are the essential study materials you should have after the textbook to prepare the 11th Exam correctly.

Here you will find the complete chapter-wise exercise solution for Political Science. By covering all questions, you can easily score a better grade in the 11th board exam. To develop your understanding deeper, you can also solve miscellaneous Exercise questions from every exercise.

CBSE Class 11 Political Science NCERT Solutions

To score better marks in the subject, you should solve Political Science chapter-wise questions first. For that, NCERT Class 11 Political Science Solutions are the best.

Here you will find exercise-wise Political Science Solutions to provide students with depth concepts on every chapter. The good thing is, the NCERT solutions have followed the latest CBSE syllabus.

You can refer to the contents of the solutions without any second thoughts. The experts have used simple language to provide you the depth concept on every solution.

CBSE Class 11 Political Science Question Paper

Question papers are essential exam materials to prepare any exam. You will get an idea about the real exam after solving the multiple questions from previous exams.

It will provide you an idea about the exam question pattern and marking scheme. After solving multiple questions from Sample Papers, Previous Year Papers, and Question Bank, you will easily identify important topics and your current preparation status.

You will also identify repetitive questions. You can also boost your problem-solving skills and understanding by solving the multiple question papers.

It will also help you to improve your time management skills during the Exam. You should have the following materials to find the complete question papers related to CBSE Class 11th Exam,

  • Sample Question Papers
  • Previous Year Question Papers
  • Question Bank

CBSE Class 11 Political Science Sample Question Papers

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) releases the Political Science sample papers and marking schemes. By using that, you can get a clear idea about the Exam.

By solving Political Science sample papers, you will have a preview of the board question paper. It will also enhance your problem-solving speed and understanding of the subject. You will become more aware of the current pattern of the question papers after solving sample papers.

CBSE Class 11 Political Science Previous year Papers

Class 11 Political Science previous exam papers are also one of the good study materials to prepare for the Exam. Before the board exam, you must solve the Political Science previous year papers. You will know the changes in the previous exams throughout the time.

It helps you to find the repetitive sections and questions in class 11 Political Science. It will also help you to build concepts on various types of questions.

You should solve the Class 11 previous year’s papers in a certain time as the real Exam and know preparation status. It will also help you to find your conceptual weaknesses. You can easily cover those before the board exam.

We have covered a detailed guide on CBSE Class 11 Political Science. Feel Free to ask any questions in the comment section below.


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