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Class 11 is one of the most crucial phases in a student’s life. The way you present yourself in the final exam is the way you perform in the final board exam. You need a solid structure on which you will be able to add new elements to improve your methods of preparation.

Your career will have a new meaning when you concentrate on the little things. Today we are going to deal with a subject that focuses on two things. One is the use of computers and the other one is computational systems. Yes, you have guessed it correctly.

It is Computer Science and in this blog, we are going to highlight the essential aspects of solving CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Sample Papers. While reading you will also know about the benefits of solving CBSE Class 11th Computer Science Sample Papers and you will also get some useful information regarding the exam pattern. 

CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Sample Papers

Solving sample papers is a must if you want to secure a good position in Class 11 Annual Exam. Attempting questions from sample papers prepares you for a better tomorrow. When you go through the CBSE Class XI Computer Science Sample Papers With Solutions you understand the significance of a particular topic. You will be able to focus on the parts which need immediate attention. You will stay updated when you take care of the tiny details like marks distribution along with the time duration.

 While solving various papers you can also check CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Sample Paper 2019-20 to have an idea of the type of questions that appear in the exams. Your professors can also help you to find the right sample paper for e.g., CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Sample Papers C++.

Here you can download 11th Computer Science Sample Question Papers

Download CBSE 11th Computer Science Sample Question Papers

The above sample paper PDF covers the sample question papers from 2015-2016 till 2019-2020.

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What are the benefits of solving sample papers?

Collecting the sample papers is a necessary thing because you need to know about the latest pattern. Sometimes there are changes in the pattern of questions and the best way to handle it is by referring to CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Sample Papers With Solutions. After observing the questions will help you to prepare in a better way.

We have already placed some of the interesting things about solving sample papers and now we will throw a light on the benefits of solving papers. Read the points –

  • Of all the important factors, the one that determines your success in the final exam is time management. After solving back to back sample test papers you will be able to complete your final exam with ease because you will already know about the ways to mange time.
  • You will get a complete picture of the weightage and marking schemes when you sit with the sample test papers.
  • You will get plenty of chances to identify and rectify your mistakes while solving sample papers.
  • You will be able to structure your study material in an effective way if you go through sample papers.
  • You will be in a commendable position after attempting questions from sample test papers. You will already have an idea of the questions which are important for your final exam when you practice sample papers.
  • Accessing your performance becomes easier after facing all kinds of questions from sample papers.
  • You will be familiar with the latest trend when you solve papers on a daily basis.
  • Your confidence will reach a different level after months of practice and that is important to solve sample test papers.

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Check the Computer Science Exam Pattern Before Solving Sample Papers

We know that you are following sample test papers but that is not enough. You need to consider other things as well like knowing the CBSE exam pattern for Class 11 Computer Science. Every year there are some modifications in the pattern and keeping a track of those modifications also helps you to bring changes in your methods of preparation.

You must observe the exam pattern which we have presented here along with distribution of marks. There are a total of 4 units. Have a look-

The table highlights the marks distribution and you will also come across the list of important topics (chapter wise) for your convenience.

Total Marks 70 Duration: 3 hours

Unit No.

Unit Name





Computer Systems and Organisation





Computational Thinking and Programming





Data Management – 1





Society, Law, and Ethics – 1







Some of the important topics which fall under Computer Systems and Organization are-

  • Basic computer organization
  • Types of software
  • Memory Units
  • Boolean logic
  • Information representation
  • Strings
  • Running a program

Here are some of the topics which are covered in Computational Thinking and Programming-

  • Basics of Computational Thinking
  • Familiarization with the basics of Python programming

The topics which are considered to be important from Computational Thinking and Programming are-

  1. Relational databases
    2 .TABLE
  2. Keys
  3. Foreign keys to view the content of a table

The last part is Society, Law and Ethics – 1 and here are the highlights from the last part-

  • Cybersafety
  • Appropriate usage of social networks
  • Safely accessing web sites
  • Safely communicating data

We have covered the detailed guide on  CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Sample Papers. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.


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