Banking and Insurance Class 10 Syllabus PDF | Download CBSE Textbook

Banking and Insurance Class 10 Syllabus

Banking and Insurance Class 10 Syllabus 2020 PDF: As the Indian economy is poised for a faster growth rate, its financial sector dominated by both insurance and banking companies looks attractive for long-term investment.

Indian banks and insurance companies can take advantage of the growing domestic market while aspiring for global competitiveness.

If you are studying for 10th Banking and Insurance, CBSE Class 10 Syllabus plays a major role to help you to understand the syllabus in a better way.

In this article on Banking and Insurance Class 10 Syllabus, we have provided the Detailed Exam Pattern and Syllabus of Banking and Insurance. Download the Latest CBSE Textbook PDF.

Banking and Insurance Class 10 Syllabus

Banking and Insurance is one of the elective subjects in Class 10. This subject comes with enormous benefits as studying this subject will make you understand the basic banking process and concepts in Insurance. Banking and Insurance Class 10 Syllabus will help you to achieve this feat.

Helpful Tip: It is very helpful for aspirants who want to mount their careers in Commerce Section.

The banking sector in India has the advantage of access to one of the largest and most stable global financial networks. It has been strengthened by a series of financial and regulatory reforms implemented recently, such as flexibility in lending rates, gradual dilution of government holdings in public-sector banks, and the easing of restrictions on private-sector and international banks.

Here you can check the Latest Banking and Insurance Class 10 Syllabus.

Total Marks: 100 (Theory – 50 + Practical – 50)

Unit Number Unit Name Marks
1 Laws relating to Negotiable Instruments 5
2 Lending Functions of a Bank
3 Utility Services of a Bank 10 
4 Life Insurance Products 10 
5 General Insurance 10 
6 Communication at the Workplace 10 
Total 50

Check and Download the Latest Banking and Insurance Class 10 Syllabus PDF:


Banking and Insurance Unit 1: Laws relating to Negotiable Instruments

  1. Introduction to Negotiable Instruments
  2. Type of Negotiable Instruments
    1. Cheques
    2. B/E (Bills of Exchange)
    3. Promissory Note
  3. Parties to Negotiable Instruments
  4. Crossing of Cheques

Banking and Insurance Unit 2: Lending Functions of a Bank

  1. Lending Functions of a Bank
  2. Type of Advances-Secured & Unsecured
  3. Loans (Short Term & Long Term)
  4. Methods of granting Advances
    1. Cash Credit
    2. Overdraft
    3. Bill Discounted and Purchased

Banking and Insurance Unit 3: Utility Services of a Bank

  1. Remittance through Bank Draft
  2. E-Banking
    1. ECS
    2. RGS
    3. NEFT
  3. Safe Deposit lockers

Banking and Insurance Unit 4: Life Insurance Products

  1. Life Insurance Policies
  2. Types of Life Insurance Policies
  3. Procedure for taking a policy
  4. Nomination & Assignment of a Policy

Banking and Insurance Unit 5: General Insurance

  1. General Insurance
    1. Fire Insurance
    2. Marine Insurance
    3. Miscellaneous Insurance Policies (Medi-claim insurance, Accident Insurance, Motor vehicles Insurance, Burglary and Theft Insurance)
  2. Procedure for taking these Polices

Banking and Insurance Unit 6: Communication at the Workplace

  1. Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
    1. Demonstrate effective use of verbal and non-verbal communication skills
    2. Identify the practices in verbal and non-verbal communication
  2. Forms of Communication
    1. Identify the forms of communication
    2. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of communication
  3. Communication media and Equipment
    1. Operate the communication media and equipment properly
    2. Evaluate the communication media
  4. Barriers in Communication
    1. Identify the barriers in communication
    2. Select the strategies for overcome barriers in communication

Download Banking and Insurance Class 10 Book PDF

Chapter-Wise Banking and Insurance Class 10 Syllabus Overview

Here you can check the chapter-wise overview of Banking and Insurance’s latest syllabus.

Unit 1: Laws relating to Negotiable Instruments

The word “Negotiable” means Transferable by Delivery” and “Instrument” means a written document by which a ‘right’ is created by one person in favor of another person.

Thus, the negotiable instrument means “a document transferable by delivery”. The Negotiable Instruments Act has not defined the term negotiable instrument. It only names three Negotiable Instruments.

These are:

  • Cheques
  • Promissory Notes (PN)
  • Bills of Exchange (BE)

Unit 2: Lending Functions of a Bank

A Bank is a financial institution / financial intermediary that accepts deposits and channels those deposits into lending activities.

It is done either directly by lending to the needy borrowers or indirectly by investing is the capital markets instruments. Thus a bank intermediate between customers who have surpluses of funds and customers who need funds.

Unit 3: Utility Services of a Bank

A Demand Draft is a cheque that contains an order of one branch of a bank (Drawer branch) directing another branch of the same bank (Drawee branch) to pay on demand a certain sum of money to a specified beneficiary (Payee).

A Demand Draft may be crossed also with an Account payee instrument, meaning thereby that its amount may be credited to the account of the payee and it cannot be encashed over the counter by the payee.

Unit 4: Life Insurance Products

Life Insurance is a financial cover for a contingency or risk linked with human life such as loss of life by death, disability, accident, etc.

The risk to human life is due to natural factors or causes related to various types of accidents. When human life is lost or a person is disabled permanently or temporarily there is a loss of income to the entire household

Unit 5: General Insurance

Then there could be Third-Party Claims on you. For instance, you are driving a car, and unfortunately, you meet with an accident in which a pedestrian is injured.

Such a person will have a Claim on you. Also, there could be claims on you while you are performing your professional duties. A Doctor may be subject to a claim for negligence in treating a patient.

We have covered the complete guide on CBSE Banking and Insurance Class 10 Syllabus 2020. Feel free to ask any questions related to CBSE Banking and Insurance Class 10 syllabus in the comment section below.

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