XAT Preparation 2021-22: Exclusive Expert Tips, Strategy & Guide

XAT Preparation tips

XAT Preparation 2021-22: Since XAT is one of the most demanding and difficult MBA entrance exams, it is necessary to develop exam preparation strategies that cover all aspects of the exam. Ideally, six to nine months are enough to prepare for XAT, but the main thing is how much time you can spend preparing for the exam in a day. Those who wish to take the XAT 2022 exam in January should now begin to plan their preparation strategies.

How to Prepare for the XAT Exam 2022?

Here are some tips for creating a XAT preparation plan:

  1. Develop a daily routine and devote 6 to 8 hours to study.
  2. Explore the XAT exam pattern and exam syllabus, and develop timing preparation strategies.
  3. When you have time to prepare for XAT 22, it is important to focus on the topics that ask the most questions.
  4. Join an online group and find a mentor to help you prepare.

Candidates who start XAT preparation in May or earlier are more likely to be fully prepared by completing the entire course and memorizing concepts and formulas, but those who start XAT preparation between October and November should do so in full speed mode, they develop a reliable strategy, focus on the basics and use their strengths. Start using your strengths to prepare for XAT, then turn to your weaknesses.

XAT Preparation 2021-22: Last Month Preparation

The last month before the exam is a critical period. Many students happen to be at the end of last month, and the candidates are either bored with the preparations or are confident in their preparations, and often lose motivation or speed ​​ their XAT preparation. Now is the time to practice applying the theories learned.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for XAT in the past month:

  1. Generally speaking, reaching 90% is easy, but going from 90 to 98 is difficult. There is a period of time before the exam that you can complete this distance. First solve some XAT test models.
  2. After completing each practice test, analyze the elapsed time and the number of successful attempts.
  3. When you try the next test, try to solve it faster and more accurately than the last time.
  4. Spend an hour or two discussing the problems you encountered while solving the exercise: which problems take longer, which topics are not solved, which problems seem simple but your answers are wrong, and so on.
  5. The weakness where you most need to work. The last month will not only solve simulation tests and models, but also research concepts and theorems.
  6. Make a short note for the final check on the day of the test.
  7. Focus on memorizing vocabulary and word meaning.

If you haven’t worked in the past few months, don’t worry. The General Knowledge section was the easiest XAT section to prepare last month. The problem of the GK zone is based on memory, so all you need to do is remember important events and events.

XAT Preparation 2021-22: Last Week Preparation Tips

During the last 7 days of XAT preparation, spend the same amount of time researching and developing exam day strategies. Remember that XAT is a speed-based test and requires parts.

Five things to do in the last few days before the 2022 XAT exam:

  1. Customize the tricks and techniques you develop as you practice the XAT practice test.
  2. Don’t start a new chapter or concept. Improve what you have learned so far.
  3. Understand the XAT scoring scheme, understand the expected cut off, and develop the ability to only select questions that meet the required score to answer.
  4. Ask questions and browse GK topics.
  5. Pay attention to mathematical formulas, theorems, and concepts.

XAT Preparation 2021-22: Tips for Exam Day

Don’t worry about the day of the exam. Get up early and arrive at the test center on time. During the XAT 2022 exam, please note the following:

  1. Choose your question wisely as there is negative marking, just choose the question you know you can answer with 100% accuracy.
  1. The XAT exam lasts 180 minutes and requires 100 questions to be answered. Split the GK and divide the remaining time so that each problem has at least 1 minute.
  1. Since XAT has no time limit, you can come back and try again later.
  1. Make sure you convert all the problems you know to ensure a good overall percentile.
  2. No panic. Keep calm and calm during the exam. Focus on the topics you know, not on the topics you don’t know.

Must-Check: XAT Exam Pattern

XAT Exam Pattern 2021 is very important to make the students familiar with the question paper pattern. They need to understand the questions asked and how the test is designed.

We have covered complete details on XAT Preparation Tips 2021-22. If you have any queries related to XAT Exam, feel free to comment below.

Frequently Answered Questions on XAT Preparation 2021-22:

When should we start studying for the XAT exam?

A candidate should start studying for the XAT exam from May onwards.

Is it necessary to join the classes for the XAT exam 2022?

No, it is not necessary but is advisable to the aspirants so that they can perform better in the exam.

How many hours should we study for the XAT Exam?

A candidate must study for 6-8 hours.

How many questions are there in the XAT exam 2022?

There are in total 100 questions.

How many XAT mock tests will I have to practice for the exam?

One must practice 25-30 mock tests for the preparation of the XAT exam.

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