The success mantra by Topper And IIM Student Swapnil Agarwal

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Question: What was your strategy in testing room to attempt the questions from different sections: Quantitative Ability & DI, Verbal Ability & LR?
Swapnil (CAT topper): I wanted to play on my strengths so I tackled quants first. In the first go I solved all the questions I was comfortable with and marked those which required time. Then I approached the verbal section and did the easy ones. In the second go I send more time on quant making sure my answers were correct. Once I felt I had done fair amount of questions in quant, I spent the remaining time in verbal section.

Question: Which all exams did you write? How did you prepare for them? What score did you get?
Swapnil (CAT topper): I appeared only for CAT 2014 and scored 99.79 percentile.

Question: How many GDPI did you take part in? What were your GD/WAT topics?
Swapnil (CAT topper): I took part in 5 GDPI sessions. My GD/WAT topic was Spread of AIDS among youth, E-commerce in India, Poverty in India among others.

Question:Few questions that were asked to you during PI round?
Swapnil (CAT topper): I was mainly asked about my job, B. Tech project as I had won many awards for the same and interests. Few questions were also based on general awareness, and essay I had written before the PI round.

Question: The institutes that offered you admission?
Swapnil (CAT topper): I was offered admission by IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Lucknow.

Question: Why did you decide in favour of IIM Ahmedabad only?
Swapnil (CAT topper): I felt that the PGP at IIM-A is the best in the country and is well-suited for my requirements. I am interested in a career in consulting in public policy making. IIM-A has a very strong alumni base in this field.

Question: What advice and tips you would like to share with the candidates preparing for CAT 2015?
Swapnil (CAT topper): On a general note, I would say that clearing CAT 2015 is not difficult if you are following a structured preparation regime. Everything is relative so instead of being a master in one subject and below average in others, it’s better to be good in all the subjects. Just stay focused and prepare well.

Question: Your message to future MBA aspirants ( CAT 2015).
Swapnil (CAT topper): The entire journey from preparing for MBA and getting into a good college is a great learning curve. So instead of getting nervous about it, try enjoying the process. To get started on things, I would say that one of the most important things is to read. Verbal is the toughest subject for most of the MBA aspirants. Reading good English material helps you to improve your reading skills, vocabulary and grammar. This can save you a lot of time while preparing for CAT 2015. It will also improve your knowledge and make you well-informed.

Question:Why did you want to do MBA?
Swapnil (CAT topper): Throughout my stay at IITK, I was a gregarious person who enjoyed solving problems working closely in a group. So I decided to move to consulting and joined EXL Inductis after graduation. In a short span of 6 months, my commitment has been noted and appreciated by my colleagues and supervisors alike. However, my experience with EXL made me realize that to add value to an organization and be a well-rounded professional, it is vital to have structured knowledge of management. It is important to learn exactly how all strategic initiatives, functions and people come together to form an organization. This is when I decided to go for an MBA program.

Question: Any special story experienced by you in your journey from being a CAT “aspirant” to a “successful topper”
Swapnil (CAT topper): Getting into IIM Ahmedabad is in itself a very special story! Every moment, be it preparation, test or interview, was a unique experience.  

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