Technology and Education in India

The era of 21st century is often regarded as an era of technology. Technology, today, plays a very important role in our life. It is seen as a basis of growth of an economy. An economy which is poor in technology can never grow in today’s scenario. This is because technology makes our work much easier and less time consuming. The impact of technology can be felt in every possible field and aspect of our life and one such field is education.

The education system of India has undergone a radical change over the past decade. This change has occurred not only through the recruitment of well qualified teachers, an improved curriculum and better school campuses, but also through the introduction of technology in education. The knowledge of computers that the students get at the school level proves to be quite beneficial for them at a later stage even if they do not select computers as their subject. Going a step ahead in bringing technology to the classrooms, these days schools have even started using i-pads in order to make the delivery of education more effective. However, many more steps should be taken in order to bring technology to the classrooms.

Communication is a key of grabbing a child’s attention. Thus, efforts should be made to introduce features like the interactive whiteboard or use 2D and 3D demonstrations, videos and animations in place of textbooks. Due to this, children will be, certainly, more interested to learn. Also, internet must be made compulsory for the students of schools and colleges in India as this is the only medium which allows learning of anything at any place and during any time of the day.

Technology not only helps in better communication but also helps to learn hands-on which eventually makes the education more interesting and easy-to-grasp.

In the conclusion, education helps in differentiating one country from another. It is education again that makes a citizen global. In a world where borders are breaking down, it is education which will help to classify the best from the worst; it is thus time for India to introduce a more technologically equipped education sector in the future.

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