Will E-books sound the death knell for print ?

A Hit to Print An eBook is cheap to produce and cheap to buy. Their environmental impact is trifling. They are easy to store, tote, and transfer. In many cases, they can also be interactive. The only thing that an eBook might not be able to provide you is the feel of holding an old … Read more Will E-books sound the death knell for print ?

Response to E-books from India

  E-Book’s  in India response  Electronic books might give hardcover books a run for their money worldwide but they continue to get lukewarm response in India. With more than 15,000 publishing houses generating content in more than 24 regional languages, experts feel India has huge potential for eBooks, specially post the increasing technological awareness among the people … Read more Response to E-books from India

Flip Books – Changing Scenario

By this time in 2013, digital books could become a fashion statement in India. It depends a great deal on which Indian publishers take the lead to digitize their books. Also, buyers of smart devices need to get used to the idea of having books and magazines on their devices. By the next year, there … Read more Flip Books – Changing Scenario

E-Books in India

Its all about changing the Game – E-Books in India Indications are that the books in printed form are nearing an end. The wonders of a digital world are coming to rock us   GAME-CHANGING technologies are upon us before we can adjust to their presence. We dread them and often we pretend that the game would … Read more E-Books in India

A Revolutionary Magic

  LG bendable eBook display ready for mass production Lighter, thinner and more robust A bendable plastic E-Paper Display could be set to shakeup the eBook industry. LG Display’s plastic E-Paper Display (EPD) is as thin as the protection film found on a Smartphone, making it about a third slimmer than existing eBook displays and about … Read more A Revolutionary Magic