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CSVTU Exams Questions Papers – BE I Year – Basic Mechanical Engineering – May- 2008

BE (2nd Semester) Examination May-2008                                                                                                        Basic Mechanical Engineering UNIT- I 1. (a) Define work and heat. (b) Show that work is a path function. (c) A piston and cylinder machine contains a fluid system...


CSVTU Exam Question Papers – BE I Year – Applied Chemistry – 2005

BE (1st Semester) Examination – 2005                                                                                                 Applied Chemistry UNIT- I 1. (a) What are the disadvantages of scale formation to boilers. (b) Name four Sludge forming Salts. (c) What can be the main possible...


CSVTU Exams question Papers – BE I Year – Applied Chemistry – Nov- Dec- 2006-07

BE (1st Semester) Examination, Nov-Dec  2006-2007                                                                                                 Applied Chemistry UNIT- I 1. (a) Write the chemical reactions with formula for EDTA complex ometricitration for determination of hardness and water. Attempt three questions: (i) What do you...