CSVTU Exams Questions Papers – BE I Year – Basic Mechanical Engineering – May- 2008

BE (2nd Semester) Examination May-2008                                                                                                        Basic Mechanical Engineering UNIT- I 1. (a) Define work and heat. (b) Show that work is a path function. (c) A piston and cylinder machine contains a fluid system which passes a complete cycle of four processes. During a cycle, the sum of all heat fers is 170 kJ. The system, … Read more

CSVTU Exams Question Papers – BE II SEM – Basic Civil Engineering – 2009

BE (2nd Semester) Examination,Nov-Dec -2009 Basic Civil Engineering Q1)  (a) Give the initial and final setting times of ordinary Portland cement. (b) Write the names & functions of various essential and harmful ingredients in brick earth .How bricks are classified? (c) Give short notes on:- (i) Physical & chemical classification of stones (ii)Uses of white cement … Read more

CSVTU Exam Question Papers – BE I Year – Engineering Mechanics–2006-07

BE (1st Year)              Examination-2006-07              Engineering Mechanics UNIT- I Q.1 Attempt any two parts : (a) A smooth cylinder of radius r = 15 cm resting on a horizontal surface support a bar AB of length 45.0 cm which is hinged at A.       The weight of the bar is 100N. The cylinder is … Read more