CVSTU Question Papers Professional Communication in English 2nd Sem 2005

CVSTU Question Papers

Professional Communication in English 2nd Sem 2005


Unit – I

 Q 1.      (a)      What are the different barriers in communication ? What steps can be taken to overcome the barriers?

(b)       Describe the principles of making effective communication.

(c)       What is a Grapevine communication? Mention its advantages and disadvantages


Unit – II

 2      (a)   The proprietor of firm , M/S ABC 12-A , New Civic Center Bhilai (C.G.) – 491004 wants to purchase five number of lathe, machines with accessories by the end of December , 2005 form IWs XYZ 101, Industrial Estate, Ludhiana (Punjab)- 321010, by considering this situation prepare a quotation invitation.

(a)       Differentiate between the following :


(i)         References and Bibliography

(ii)        Abstract and Summery

(iii)       Frontispiece and Glossary

(b)       Wanted a software engineer for a multinational company stationed at Bombay, Candidates below 30 years age, who possess a bachelor degree in computer science or I.T. from a recognized university with minimum three years experience in software development may apply with particulars and expected salary to box No. 786. The Hindustan Times , New Delhi -110001 within 10 days of publication of this advertisement .In response to the above advertisement appeared in the Hindustan Times on 25/11/2005, assuming as if you possess all requisite qualification and experience write a job application latter.



3. (a) Do as directed

(I) Rewrite the following sentence in the passive:

The General Manager has announced that job efficiency bonus would be paid.

(ii) Suggest one word substitute for:

To hide oneself among object of similar color or appearance

(Ill) Suggest one word substitute for:

“The study of the rules for the formation of grammatical sentences in a language”.

(d)        Construct a sentence containing the theme of the. Following! phrase  |

“Many a little makes a mickle.”

(e)        Rewrite the following sentence using the comparative form without changing its meaning :

“This machine is the most troublesome in the workshop.”

(f)         Put the verb in the bracket in the correct tense form :

“Had the union Carbide taken due care the terrible accident.”

(g)        Change the following sentence into indirect speech :

My mother said,” Have you done your home work.”                                                                                                                              |

(h)        Rewrite the following :

(a) in negative

(b)  in the interrogative

He held on to a branch

(i)         Insert suitable preposition:

“I have been ill——————– two weeks.

(j)         Change the following sentence into future continuous tense :

“I am going to the drycleaners.”

(k)        Supply the correct form of the verb in bracket:

“If i had enough money, I (buy) a car

Correct the following sentence :

(l)          Who’s bag is this ?’

(m)      It is I who is responsible.

(n)        He was studying spanish and french.

(o)        The boy continuously asked for money from his father .

(p)        The jury is giving their verdict now.

Unit – IV

(a)       What all factors should be kept in mind to make the presentation effective?


(b)        What preparation you will make before appearing for a job interview?

(c)         What are the preparation required to conduct a meeting? What are “Agenda and Minutes of a meeting

Unit –V

5. (a) Give a brief account of the ethics of a telephonic conversation

(i)    ” How to become a better listener” Explain.

(ii)   Mention the qualities of a good précis. What are the do’s and don’ts in précis writing.


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