RS Aggarwal Chapter 11 Class 9 Maths Exercises 11.2 (ex 11b) Solutions

RS Aggarwal Chapter 11 Class 9 Maths Exercise 11.2 Solutions: You have studied many properties of a triangle in Chapters 6 and 7 and you know that on joining three non-collinear points in pairs, the figure so obtained is a triangle. Now, let us mark four points and see what we obtain on joining them in pairs in some order. Although most of the objects we see around are of the shape of special quadrilateral called rectangle, we shall study more about quadrilaterals and especially parallelograms because a rectangle is also a parallelogram and all properties of a parallelogram are true for a rectangle as well. Know more on the Chapter here.

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Important Definition for RS Aggarwal Chapter 11 Class 9 Maths Ex 11b Solutions

A parallelogram is a type of quadrilateral which contains parallel opposite sides.

  1. Area of parallelogram = Base × Height
  2. Area of Triangle = (1/2)× Base × Height

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