RRB GK questions 9th April 2016 1st And 2nd Shift


Railway 9 April Questions – 3rd Shift (Evening) Answers of RRB questions
Olympics 2016 is to be held in – Brazil
Which of the following in not a fundamental Right?
Which Country won maximum Oscars in the category of Foreign Film? Italy
Who is Current captain of women’s hockey team? Ritu Rani
What is the minimum age to be Prime Minister of India? 25 Years
What is the % of Nitrogen in the atmosphere – 78%
Who is the first Indian to go in Space? Rakesh Sharma
What is the Source of Narmada River? Amarkantak
When is World AIDS day? 01-Dec
Which is not an inert Gas?
Amalgam is in –
Questions about CERN? Computer
Question on Make in India emoji?
Who won Nobel Prize 2015 for literature? Svetlana Alexievich
Which is first unmanned satellite launched by ISRO – Chandrayaan 1
What is the full form of SONAR? Sound Navigation And Ranging

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