RRB GK questions 10th April 2016 1st And 2nd Shift

Railway 10 April question (3rd Shift) Answers
Who has right to issue financial Emergency? President
2015 BCCI Women Cricketer of the Year? Mithali Raj
Where is Mahabodhi Temple? Bihar
What is called Study of Mankind? Anthropology
Gov was liberated from Purtagal by which movement? Vandiwash
Study of Serology is called? Antibodies in the serum
Name of largest cell in human body? ovum
Dirty blood is carried by? Artery
Who is the man behind first human heart transplant? Dr Christiaan Barnard
Which acid helps in human body for digestion? Gastric Acid (HCL)
Who built Red Fort of Delhi? Shahjaha
What is the full form of DVD? Digital Versatile Disc
What is the full form of ISRO? Indian Space Research Organisation
Maximum age to retire from judge of Supreme court in India? 65 Years
Who is Maharashtra Tiger’s Ambassador? Amitabh Bachchan

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