RGPV Syllabus for 3rd Sem Mechanical Branch

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10 Responses

  1. mukesh kumar vishwakarma says:

    very tough course

  2. mukund bhardwaj says:

    thenk to

  3. all subject of syllabus are easy but thermodynamic is few difficult.

  4. Sheikh anjam says:

    I am persuing b.e. From t.i.t. Advance bhopal m.p. I love this syllabus very much. I am more practical person, so i chose to do b.e. From r.g.p.v.
    I am searching a new sponsor who can sponsor my knowledge.

  5. Ravi Vishwakarma says:

    It is very clear syllabus

  6. Ravi Vishwakarma says:

    Very nice Syllabus

  7. Rahul Kushwaha says:

    Sir,Have syllabus of BE 3rd Semester been changed in this year.

  8. Ragini suryawanshi says:

    Subject almost fine

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