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Top Career Options After Graduation

A plain graduate degree cannot guarantee lucrative job prospects is the common refrain in the present times. This perception often stems from abysmally high unemployment levels in the country where even people with professional...


7 Quick Tips About Competitive Exam Preparation

Whether it is the JEE or NEET entrance test after finishing school or career defining competitives like UGC, GATE or UPSC, competitive exam prepration can be daunting and somewhat intimidating. Once you’ve set your...


The Future of School with Online Education in India

Conventional classrooms, blackboard teaching, taking down hurried notes, studying from books prescribed in the school curriculum…the standard norms of education in India are undergoing a paradigm shift. As India is embracing an unprecedented technology...


Why Floriculture in India Is an Exciting Career Option

India’s growing fascination with flowers has translated to an unprecedented boom in the domestic floriculture industry. According to the data available with the Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, the floriculture industry...