NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Biology Chapter 12 – Mineral Nutrition


There are various chapters that fall under CBSE Class 11 Biology which can help you to score good marks in the Annual Exam and in this blog we will be talking about one such chapter from the NCERT Solutions.

It is NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Biology Chapter 12 – Mineral Nutrition and all the sections of the blog are based on the essential aspects of Bio NCERT Chapter 12 Solutions like the benefits of following Chapter 12 Bio Solutions along with topic wise explanations. You will also get an overview of the chapter at the beginning of the blog which will be beneficial for your performance. Read all the parts slowly.

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Biology Chapter 12 – Mineral Nutrition

Biology NCERT Chapter 12 Solutions basically concentrates on inorganic plant nutrition and here the students will have to deal with the different methods which are required to identify the elements in relation to the growth and development of plants. The experts have tried to focus on these elements with the help of illustrations and explanations.

Each and every topic has been dealt with an extra bit of care by the experts and the explanations are enough to boost the confidence of the students. Securing a good position in the final exam becomes easier when you take care of the tiny details which have been highlighted in the NCERT Solutions. Collect the NCERT Class 11 Biology Chapter 12 Solutions PDF files as soon as possible to have an idea of the topics which have been covered in the Solutions Bio Chapter 12.

You can download CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology  Chapter 12 from below.

Download NCERT Class 11 Biology Chapter 12 Solutions

What will you learn in NCERT Class 11 Biology Chapter 12?

Mineral Nutrition, NCERT Grade 11 Biology Chapter 12, focusses mainly on inorganic plant nutrition, wherein students will study the methods to identify elements essential to growth and development of plants and the criteria for establishing the essentiality. Students will also study the role of the essential elements, their major deficiency symptoms and the mechanism of absorption of these essential elements. The chapter also introduces the students briefly to the significance and the mechanism of biological nitrogen fixation.

A detailed study of Methods to Study the Mineral Requirements of Plants, Essential Mineral Elements, Mechanism of Absorption of Elements, Translocation of Solutes, Soil as Reservoir of Essential Elements and Metabolism of Nitrogen can be done with the help of this chapter. Topics such as Criteria for Essentiality, Role of Macro- and Micro-nutrients, Deficiency Symptoms of Essential Elements, Toxicity of Micronutrients, Nitrogen Cycle and Biological Nitrogen Fixation provides a further insight to the complex topics.

We will now present you the topics/subtopics which fall under the 12th chapter of NCERT solutions.

CBSE Class 11 Biology Chapter 12 NCERT Solutions Topic-Wise Listing

You will come across the solutions from the following topics/sub topics in the NCERT solutions-

Here are the topics/ subtopics of the chapter:


Methods To Study The Mineral Requirements Of Plants


Essential Mineral Elements


Mechanism Of Absorption Of Elements


Translocation Of Solutes


Soil As Reservoir Of Essential Elements


Metabolism Of Nitrogen

Advantages of referring to NCERT Solutions Class 11 Biology Chapter 12 Mineral Nutrition

When you focus on the NCERT solutions you will know about the benefits of following NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Science Biology Chapter 12. You will have enough reasons to buy NCERT solutions when you go through the contents of the solutions. We are here to talk about those benefits. After completing the syllabus you check it.

  • NCERT solutions for Chapter 12 Biology can help you to bring change in your methods of preparation.
  • After analyzing the contents of the NCERT solutions you will be in a position to design your study materials. You will get new ideas to shape your study materials.
  • Going through the important questions from Chapter 12 Solutions is a must if you really want some clarity in relation to the topics. All the topics will be easier for you to understand if you explore the contents of Solutions NCERT carefully.
  • You will be able to come up with an effective strategy after you examine the Chapter 12 Bio NCERT solutions on a regular basis.
  • You will be able to appear for Class 12 Bio Exam with a better plan if you keep the important points from the solutions in your mind.
  • You will be able to complete your homework with full confidence when you follow the Chapter 12 solutions.

We have covered the complete guide on CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 12 Mineral Nutrition. Feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section below.

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