LIC ADO Preparation Tips 2021 | Ultimate Tips for Prelims and Mains Exam

LIC ADO Preparation Tips 2021: LIC ADO is a recruitment process for Apprentice Development Officers (ADO). Individuals will be selected as Life Insurance Agents and their overall performance will be overseen by a LIC ADO. The exam is held once a year in an online format. Aspirants face stiff competition due to the lucrative nature of the position and the limited number of openings. As a result, it’s critical to develop and commit to a long-term preparation approach. Candidates can go through the blog completely to know about LIC ADO Time Management tips for both Prelims and Mains exams.

LIC ADO Preparation Tips 2021: Study Plan

Are you wondering how to prepare for LIC ADO Prelims and LIC ADO Mains? Well, here are the detailed LIC ADO Section-wise preparation Tips. Candidates can go through these preparation tips carefully and implement them during studying. 

Section Wise LIC ADO Preparation Tips

Reasoning Section

Candidates who are appearing for the LIC ADO Exam, need to prepare well for this section. It seems to be tricky, but with proper preparation, candidates can score more in this section.

  • The candidates need to understand the concept to do well in this section. This will help candidates to attempt any question even if it is tricky.
  • Candidates should prepare topics that are scoring such as Blood Relation, Coding-Decoding, Inequalities, Alphabets, Ranking, and Direction.
  • Candidates must practice LIC ADO mock tests to enhance their proficiency in the Reasoning section.

Numerical Ability Section

  • Numerical Ability is all about practice. The more candidates clear their concepts, the easier it will be for them to score well.
  • Candidates should practice questions from LIC ADO Previous Year Papers.
  • In this section, number series, simplification, and approximation and quadratic equation/inequality are generally of easy to moderate level. It is advisable to solve these first and then target questions of Interpretation. With good practice, you can easily score in Data Interpretation too.
  • Candidates should solve the word problems such as average, ratio and proportion, partnership, time & work, and work & wages, pipes and cisterns, allegation or mixtures, simple interest, compound interest, permutation and combination, probability, mensuration, and data sufficiency accurately since these topics are scoring.

English Section

  • Questions in this section will be asked basically from reading comprehension, fill in the blanks, error detection, para-jumble, synonyms, and antonyms, etc.
  • Candidates should solve at least solve 2 to 3 reading comprehension regularly.
  • The trick for reading comprehension is to quickly read the questions and then accordingly go through the passage, this can save your time.
  • Do not forget to pin down important keywords while going through the passage.

LIC ADO Preparation Tips 2021: Ultimate ADO Preparation Strategy

Below are the detailed preparation Tips for LIC ADO Exam. Candidates are suggested to follow the LIC ADO Preparation Tips for cracking LIC ADO Prelims Exam and LIC ADO Mains Exam 2021.

Go through Syllabus- Before beginning the preparation, it is important to go through the detailed LIC ADO Syllabus and Exam Pattern. Candidates can know the topics present in the examination.

Practice online mocks- The first and crucial step is to have an idea of the exam pattern and experience the computer-based pattern of the test beforehand. Mock test helps in increasing the speed and accuracy of the candidates.

Devise Strategy- Solving mock tests will help you get a hang of the pattern and the kind of questions that are asked often in the exam. Based on the questions asked and your weak and strong areas devise a strategy and stick to your strategy during the exam.

Avoid guesswork- Do not guess answers. Guesswork results in more negative marks. Stick to questions for which you are sure of the answer and avoid guesswork.

Choose questions wisely- Practice as much as you can and learn the art of picking which questions to solve wisely. You won’t want to invest time in solving a question that would take more time and end up leaving questions that are easy to solve comparatively.

Solve Sample Papers- The LIC ADO sample papers give the candidates an idea about the exam pattern, difficulty level, weightage of each section, etc. Sample Papers are the best resource to prepare for the exam, therefore, candidates should solve the sample papers regularly.

LIC ADO Time Management Tips

During the LIC ADO examination, candidates must ensure they manage their time carefully in order to complete the exam on time. To ease out the tension and plan your preparation we have listed out LIC ADO Time Management tips here. Check them out and prepare accordingly.

  • When you begin your preparation, make sure you divide the time accordingly for each topic and subject.
  • The same goes while writing the exam. Divide your time accordingly for each section and finish the exam on time.
  • During the exam, in case if you are unable to solve any problem just skip and solve the easier ones first.
  • As the exam consists of three sections, solve the section first in which you are strong.
  • Do not take too much time for answering one question. If you are unable to solve it, try one or two times. If still, you cannot answer the move on to the next question.
  • Do not spend more time reading a question. Make sure you understand the question in one shot.
  • Learn shortcuts for the Numerical Ability section so that it will help you to finish the exam soon.
  • Be quick in calculations so that you can have a little extra time in the end for reviewing your answers.

Must-Check: Best Books for LIC ADO Exam

Interested candidates and people preparing for the exam can check this article for LIC ADO books for preparation. The entry provides a sectional mock for every subject included under the competitive examinations. It also provides a topic-wise quiz for every topic under the themes.

  • Best Books For LIC ADO

We have covered the detailed guide on the LIC ADO Preparation Tips. Feel free to ask any questions within the comment section below.

FAQs on LIC ADO Preparation Tips

What are the important steps in LIC ADO Preparation Tips?

The very first and important steps in LIC ADO Preparation Tips are: Understand the ADO Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Where can I get LIC ADO Preparation Tips for English?

You can get LIC ADO Preparation Tips for English from the above article.

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