IIT Kharagpur Tractor and Power Systems syllabus


IIT Kharagpur crop production technology syllabus



Tractor & Power Systems

3 – 0 – 0 : 3 Credits Prerequsites: None

Introduction: Types of farm tractors. Trends in tractor design.

Engine Performance: Testing and evaluation of IC engines. Performance

characteristics of SI and CI engines. Governors and their controls.

Tractor Transmission: Tractor clutches and brakes. Power transmission

system and final drives.

Traction Theory: Different  types of traction devices. Mechanics of traction

and towed wheels. Evaluating the performance of traction devices.

Tractor Chassis: Mechanics of tractor chassis. Lateral and longitudinal

stability. Weight transfer. Steering system.

Hitch Systems: Three point linkage geometry. Free link and restrained link

mechanisms. Automatic position and draft control systems used in modern


Tractor Test and Performance: Drawbar performance of tractors. Tractor

power cost estimation. Test standards.

Tractor ergonomics: Human factors in the design of tractor seat and

different controls.

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