IIT Kharagpur Tractor and Power Systems Laboratory syllabus

IIT Kharagpur crop production technology syllabus


Tractor & Power Systems Laboratory 

1.Study of constructional details and working principle of engine parts.

2.Evaluation of tractor fuel supply system.

3.Evaluation of tractor cooling and lubrication system.

4.Evaluation of tractor electrical systems.

5.Design and demonstration of tractor clutches and brakes.

6.Study and design of tractor power transmission systems.

7.Study and evaluation of tractor ground drive components.

8.Study of mechanical and hydrostatic steering system of tractors.

9.Laboratory testing of an industrial engine.

10.PTO power testing of an agricultural tractor.

11.Evaluation of tractor noise and vibration.

12.Field evaluation of a tractor operator’s activities.

13.Laboratory testing of the power of an agricultural worker.

14.Drawbar performance of agricultural tractors

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