IIT Kharagpur syllabus Principles of Food Engineering


IIT Kharagpur crop production technology syllabus




 Principles of Food Engineering 

3 – 1 – 0 : 4 Credits Prerequsites: None

Overview of the processing operations carried out for converting agricultural

produce to food; Classification into momentum, heat and mass transfer

operations; Necessity of estimating their transfer rates as function of driving

force  Momentum Transfer: Pressure drop-flow rate relationship for flow

through pipe, rectangular conduit and extruder in laminar flow; Turbulent

flow and fanning’s  friction factor; Compressible flow: flow through nozzle

and porous media; Apparent viscosity, generalized viscosity coefficient and

generalized Reynolds number for non-Newtonian fluids; Non-Newtonian

liquid flow in pipes and slits Heat Transfer: Steady state heat transfer in conduction, convection and

radiation; Overall heat transfer coefficient; Forced, natural convection,

condensation and boiling heat transfer; Tubular and plate and fin type heat

exchangers and estimation of their effectiveness; NTU-Effectiveness

relationship; Unsteady state heat transfer in plate, cylinder and spherical

bodies; Numerical methods in heat transfer.

Mass Transfer: Molecular diffusion and Fick’s Law; Steady state mass

transfer in equimolar counter diffusion and diffusion through stagnant

medium; Diffusion through varying cross sectional area; Convective mass

transfer and mass transfer coefficient; Mass transfer coefficients; Unsteady

state mass transfer in plate, cylinder and spherical bodies; Analogy between

momentum, heat and mass transfer

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