IIT Kharagpur crop production technology syllabus

Water Quality Management

Water Quality:  Terminology, Sources of water pollutants, pollution kinetics

and reaction mechanism.Water Quality Standards:  International and Indian

Standards for drinking, irrigation, industrial and aquatic use.Water Quality

Analysis: Methods and Instruments for analysis of all water quality

parameters. Working principles of the Instruments.Water Purification:

Mechanical, biological and membrane filters.Reverse Osmosis:  Principle,

application and related instruments.Water Treatment Methods:  Aeration,

nitrogen removal, pH control, removal of solids and gases in water,

disinfection and ion-exchange. Use of chlorine, bromine, iodine, KMnO4 etc.

for disinfection.Water Treatment Plant:  Components and Working

Principles.Waste Water Treatment: Methods and Instruments.

Water Quality Index:  Principle, International and Indian standards,

parameters considered for surface and ground water indexing.

Water Pollution due to Pesticides and Toxic Metals: Sources of pollution and


Water Quality Modeling: Use of modeling technique, Study of the available

models for water quality modeling.

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