IIT Guwahati Syllabus B Tech 1st Year Physics

IIT Guwahati Syllabus

B Tech 1st Year Physics


PH 101 Physics – I                                                                                

Classical Mechanics: Review of Newtonian Mechanics in rectilinear coordinate system. Motion in plane polar coordinates. Conservation principles .Collision problem in laboratory and centre of mass frame.Rotation about fixed axis. Non-inertial frames and pseudo forces .Rigid body dynamics.  Special Theory of Relativity: Postulates of STR. Galilean transformation. Lorentz ransformation.Simultaneity.Length Contraction.Time dilation.Relativistic addition of velocities.Energy-momentum relationships. Quantum Mechanics: Two-slit experiment. De Broglie’s hypothesis.Uncertainty Principle, wave function and wave packets, phase and group velocities.Schrödinger Equation.Probabilities and Normalization.Expectation values.Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions. Applications in one dimension: Particle in a box, Finite Potential well, Harmonic oscillator.


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PH 110. Physics Laboratory (0-0-3-3)                                                                     

Typical Experiments: Rotational inertia of a rigid body, Small oscillation, Black body radiation: Stefan-Boltzmann law, Velocity of sound in air, Fraunhofer diffraction: single slit, multiple slits, Diffraction by plane grating, Interference of light: Newton’s ring, Polarization of light, Decay of current in a RC circuit, LCR circuit: forced damped oscillation, Electrical properties of Materials, Hall effect, Magnetic field along the axis of a coils, Photovoltic effect: Solar Cell, etc.


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