IIT Guwahati Syllabus B Tech 1st Year Mathematics


IIT Guwahati Syllabus

B Tech 1st Year Mathematics




MA 101.Mathematics I (3-1-0-8)                                                                              

Systems of linear equations and their solutions; vector space Rn and its subspaces; spanning set and linear independence; matrices, inverse and determinant; range space and rank, null space and nullity, eigenvalues and eigenvectors; diagonalization of matrices; similarity; inner product, Gram-Schmidt process; vector spaces (over the field of real and complex numbers), linear transformations.
Convergence of sequences and series of real numbers; continuity of functions; differentiability, Rolle’s theorem, mean value theorem, Taylor’s theorem; power series; Riemann integration, fundamental theorem of calculus, improper integrals; application to length, area, volume and surface area of revolution.


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