IIT Guwahati 3rd sem Syllabus Mechanical Design

IIT Guwahati Mechanical Design Syllabus

ME 311M: Mechanical Design (3-0-0-6)                                                               

Principles of mechanical design and concepts of safety factor, properties of engineering materials, stress-strain diagram, mechanical properties, stress concentration, fatigue. Stress and strain: principal stresses and strains, Mohr’s circle representation. Theories of failures for isotropic materials. Shear Force and Bending Moment diagrams. Torsion of circular shafts. Stresses due to bending, Deflections due to bending. Design of shafts, keys, axles, springs, belt, chain drives, power screws, rigid and flexible couplings. Design of riveted, bolted, and welded joints. Introduction to clutches, brakes, types of gears and bearings. Design of columns considering buckling and compression. Design of thin cylinders and spherical vessels. Design of simple machines.


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