IIT Guwahati 3rd sem Syllabus Fluid Mechanics-II

IIT Guwahati Fluid Mechanics-II Syllabus 


ME 311. Fluid Mechanics – II (3-0-0-6)                                                                    

Pre-requisite: ME 221 or equivalent.

Viscous Flow and Boundary Layer Theory: Introduction to Navier-Stokes Equations; Boundary-layer equations; Momentum integral estimates; Laminar flat plate boundary layer – Blasius equation; Displacement and momentum thickness; Boundary layers with pressure gradient; Flow separation; Turbulent flat plate boundary layers. Compressible Flow: The speed of sound; Adiabatic and isentropic steady flow – Mach-number relations, Isentropic flow with area changes; Normal-shock wave – Rankine-Hugoniot relations; Mach waves, oblique shock wave, Prandtl Meyer expansion waves; Performance of nozzles; Fanno and Rayleigh flow. Turbomachines: Euler-equation for turbomachines; Impulse turbine- Pelton wheel; Reaction turbine- Francis turbine, propeller turbine; Centrifugal pump; Performance parameters and characteristics of pumps and turbines; Cavitation; Net positive suction head (NPSH); Role of dimensional analysis and similitude; Positive displacement pumps.


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