IIT BHU Varanasi Syllabus Ceramic Ceramic Processing and Coatings


IIT BHU Varanasi Syllabus

Ceramic  Ceramic Processing and Coatings


Ceramic Processing and Coatings

Ceramic Processing: Solid state method for synthesis of Ceramics. Freeze drying, Spray drying. Co-precipitation

method. Sol-Gel process. Chemical vapor deposition, Mechano chemical , synthesis, Hydrothermal synthesis,

plasma spraying. Combustion method for synthesis of ceramics. Synthesis of nano-ceramics by physical and

chemical methods.

Sintering: Driving force, diffusion in solids, defects and defects chemistry, vapor  pressure over curved surface.

Theory of solid state and Viscous sintering, scaling laws. Hot Pressing. Liquid Phase Sintering. Stages in liquid

phase sintering, Basic Mechanisms of liquid phase sintering.

Coating: Brief description of raw materials used in enamel. Batch calculations of frit making, Milling and Slip

Preparation . Preparation of metal parts, Applications of Slip. Firing process, colourd anamels, properties and

defects of enamel coating. Theory of adhesion on metal surface. New Coating Processes: Thermal Spraying, Flame

spraying, HVOF process, Plasma spraying, Phisical deposition, Sol-gel method of coating, Sputtering.

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