IIT BHU Varanasi Syllabus Ceramic Cement Technology


IIT BHU Varanasi Syllabus

Ceramic Cement Technology


Cement Technology      

Origin and development of cement and cementitious materials, raw materials and their classification, selection of

raw materials, crushing of lime stone and other calcarious  materials, proportioning of raw materials, grinding of raw

materials and preparation of raw meal, blending & benefications   of  raw materials. Burning of raw mix, reactions

occurring in cement making at different temperature. Pre heater and pre calcinators  in cement industry, heat

recovery devices and waste heat utilization. Firing system and kiln residence time, working of rotary  kiln and

clinkering reactions, clinker coolers. Gypsum, clinker and their storage, cement grinding mills, cement storage and

silos, conveying,  packing and dispatch of cement,  cement packing machines. Dust and dust collection in cement

industries. Different classes of building lime and  their properties.

Plaster of paris, its properties  and uses, manufacture of plaster of paris, setting and hardening of plaster of paris,

Keens cement and parian cement. Testing

of cement.

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