IIT BHU Syllabus Plant, Equipment and Furnace Design


IIT BHU Syllabus

 Plant, Equipment and Furnace Design


Plant, Equipment and Furnace Design  

Section A: Plant & Equipment Design:

Plant Design: Plant location, plant layout, assembling of economic and engineering data, calculations pertaining to the

processes, process vessels, etc. piping and instrument flow diagrams, process flow diagrams, design of a ceramic plant,

feasibility report and cost estimation of the plant. Economics of the plant, commercial aspects etc.

Equipment Design: Principles of design of the following process equipments: Crushers, materials handling systems,

filter press, sieves and pug-mills, moulding equipments. Principles of design of glass moulds such as blank mould,

blow mould and neckring moulds. Drying and different types of driers used in Ceramic industries. Principles of design

of simple supports, i.e. footings and foundations for process equipments such as overhead tanks, motors, compressors

and crushers. Different types of size-radiation equipment  used in ceramic industry i.e. crushers and grinders including

their design calculations.

Section B: Furnace Design:

Detailed study of common types of furnaces i.e. glass melting furnaces, tunnel kiln, chamber kiln and down-draft kiln,

shuttle-kiln, roller-hearth kiln, rotary cement kiln and annealing lehrs. Blast furnace, open hearth furnace and

converters for steel melting, Natural and forced draft stack, stack calculations. Chimney foundations. Essential

operations of a furnace i.e. firing, charging, melting, reversal. Preheating of air, gas and fuel oil, flame systems,

temperature and its control. Thermal current in a glass melting furnace. Furnace atmosphere. Furnace life and selection

of refractories. Heating up and cooling down of a furnace, furnace construction, furnace capacity, fuel efficiency and

firing efficiency, design, construction and thermal calculation pertaining to at least one of the above mentioned furnace.

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