IIT BHU Syllabus Advanced Building Materials and composites


IIT BHU Syllabus

Advanced Building Materials and composites


Advanced Building Materials and composites

Composites and multiphase materials, components of cement  based matrices, preparation, properties of polymer

cement mixes, polymer impregnated  concrete (PIC), Polymer Cement Concrete (PCC), Cement based smoothing and

screeding compounds. The use of water dispersed polymers in cement mixes for floor topping and concrete repair,

Macro defect free cements, Reinforcement of cement based composites. Different types of fibers- steel fibre, carbon

fibre, natural fibre, proportioning of fibres and cement, design and structure of cement composites. Bonding between

fibres and cement, interaction between cement, polymer and  fibres, permeability, corrosion resistance, abrasion

resistance, creep and other mechanical properties of  fibres reinforced concrete, special kind of cement based

composites, Cracking of cement matrix and crack propagation. Behavior of cement matrix composites in service

conditions. Fire resistance of polymer and fibre reinforced concrete, Application and development of cement based


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