IIT BHU Syllabus Industrial Economics & Factory Management




IIT BHU Syllabus Industrial Economics & Factory Management






Industrial Economics & Factory Management

Types of accounts, book keeping, single entry and double entry, trading account, profit and loss account and

balance-sheet, cost accounting and cost control. Economic laws, increasing and diminishing return, utility, total and

marginal, forms of business organization, private,  partnership, joint stock companies and cooperative  societies,

limited and unlimited liabilities, shares, debentures, bonds, valuation and depreciation. Fixed cost and variable cost,

business, principle of management, management process schools, human factors, management by objective. Type of

organization charts.

Materials management: purchase, inventory, control, ABC analysis, break even analysis, stores, sales   and material

handling, S.Q.C. and standardization, PERT and planning. Site selection and factory layout.

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