IIT BHU Syllabus Engineering Mathematics



IIT BHU Syllabus  Engineering Mathematics




Engineering Mathematics

Bassel’s and Legendre’s differential equations and their application. Elements of tensor algebra and tensor calculus.

Probability and statistics: Elements of probability as applied to chi square statistics.  Standard error test for

proportion and mean, tx and Fx2 tests.  Simple analysis of variance.  Elementary ideas about design of experiments.

Control charts for attributes and variables.  Sampling inspection plans. Operation Researach: Principles and

applications, selected topics dealing with the application of experimental and theoretical techniques to the analysis

of the operational systems.  Collection of operational data.  Use of machine simulation.  Determination of operating

rules and control criteria. Optional Control of Engineering Processes: Elementary ideas about linear and dynamic

programming, principle of optimization.  Binary algebra and its application to computer technology – elementary

ideas only.

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