Must Read IES Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Books

IES Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

The countdown for the IES exam or Indian Engineering Services has already started and the IES aspirants are always looking for new ways to improve the methods of preparation.

One has to be really careful while making the necessary arrangements for a competitive exam like IES. Making the right choice is really important in this kind of situation and you need to be extra careful while purchasing the right books for your exam.

Some candidates often fail to choose the right books and after some time, they feel bad about their choices. Candidates go through different kinds of suggestions in connection with the purchase of best IES Electronics and Telecommunication Books and they get lost when it comes to making the correct decisions in relation to books.

IES Electronics and Telecommunication Books

Are you feeling uncomfortable because of the fact that you are in the same place?

Don’t worry because this blog will clear all your confusions related to Reference Books for IES Electronics And Telecommunication.

We will try to focus on some of the features of 5 useful reference books which you will be able to buy without any kind of hesitation.

IES is one of the most challenging exams which is conducted by the UPSC or Union Public Service Commission and if you want to secure a place in the forthcoming exams you must go through all the sections carefully. 

Download ESE E&T Books PDF

Book No 1 | Download Books For IES Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering PDF

Name of the Book: Electromagnetic Waves & Radiating Systems 

Name of the Publisher: Prentice Hall India Learning Private Limited

Features: This book occupies a special place in the list of the highly recommended Books For IES Electronics And Communication because of it’s range. The main highlights of this book are radiation and propagation of electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic theory and its extension to problems of transmission.

The updated version has covered important things like the relationship between Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory and Special Relativity along with the interaction of fields and matter.

You can buy this book if you want to score good marks in IES 2020 exam. You can also ask for the pdf version of the reference books from your friends, relatives and neighbors. You can get all related study materials here-

Book No 2 | Communication Systems, IES Telecommunication Books

Name of the Book: Communication Systems

Name of the Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education 

Features: This book for IES Electronics And Communication has also received good reviews from the experts as well as purchasers.

The book focuses on the various sections of electrical communication systems like the different analytical methods, hardware considerations, design principles as well as the introduction to electrical communication systems. Both analog and digital communication have been covered properly in this fifth edition.

Needless to say that this book will be beneficial for your forthcoming exam. 

Book No 3 | Automatic Control Systems 

Name of the Book: Automatic Control Systems 

Name of the Publisher: Wiley

Features: This particular book is one of the most used Books For IES exam Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering. Every year candidates purchase this book because they want to increase their chances of selection. This book deals with the important aspects of mechatronics. The IES aspirants will come across the authoritative coverage of modern design tools and examples. The uses of virtual lab software have been explained in a better way. Hence, you can add this book to your collection.

Book No 4 | Integrated Circuits, IES Electronics Book

Name of the Book: Integrated Circuits

Name of the Publisher: S.K Kataria & Sons

Features: You cannot afford to miss this book if you consider the Best Books For IES Electronics And Telecommunication. The contents of this particular book have been structured in accordance with the needs of the candidates. While purchasing the book you must remember to check the syllabus. Here is the list of the topics. Go through these topics at least once before purchasing this book.


  • Analog Integrated Circuit Design: An Overview
  • The 741 IC OP-AMP


  • Linear Applications of IC OP-AMPS
  • Filters
  • Sinusoidal Oscillators


  • Digital Integrated Circuits Design


  • Non-Linear Applications of IC OP-AMPS
  • Analog Multipliers


  • D/A and A/D Converters
  • Integrated Circuit Timer
  • Phase-Locked Loops (PLL)
  • Previous Year Question Paper


Book No 5 | Network and Systems, IES Electronics and Communication Book

Name of the Book: Network and Systems

Name of the Publisher: New Age

Features: The important elements of linear circuit analysis have been highlighted in this book with the help of a well-developed methodology. The interesting things which are associated with classroom use have been dealt after extensive research.. The reader’s interest on modern analysis methods along with basic circuit concepts have been channelized effectively through the use of words.

We have provided some information about the author. Take a look-

Roy Choudhury is Professor and Head, Electronics and Computer Engineering Department, Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi. He was also Dean, Faculty of Technology, Delhi University, Delhi. He teaches courses in linear integrated circuits, computers, networks and control systems both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

You are now in a place to make a decision. Utilize your time and make the right choice to select UPSC IES Books.

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