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IES Civil Engineering Books

IES or the Indian Engineering Services conducts exams to recruit aspiring engineering students for the posts of engineers in several fields.

It is not only one of the most prestigious jobs under the Central Government of India but also one of the toughest exams to crack.

If you are one of the aspiring students to sit for the IES Civil Engineering exam this year, you must follow a few guidelines for your preparation, including the Selection of Best IES Civil Engineering Books, meet the eligibility criteria and follow up on all the latest updates regarding the exam. 

IES Civil Engineering Books

IES Civil Engineering exam offers recruitment in various posts under the same stream. To sit for the exam, you must have completed the final year of your graduation.

This is also the best time to begin your preparation for the IES Civil Engineering exam because everything will be fresh in your memory. A delay of one year or more could mean you losing grip over the subject.

Therefore, we advise you to begin your preparation as soon as your final year results are out. You must also be thorough with the basic concepts and founding ideas of the various subjects given in the syllabus of IES Civil Engineering books pdf. 

Best IES Civil Engineering Reference Books

Syllabus for IES Civil Engineering is quite vast which means it requires an ample time period to cover. According to experts, a time period of one year is good enough for the preparation of the IES Civil Engineering exam. 

For beginners, the main topics to be covered in the initial phase of IES Civil Engineering preparation are Building Materials, Structures, and Solid Mechanics. These topics have proven to be crucial even for exams like IES and GATE.

Download ESE Civil Books PDF

IES Civil Engineering exam preparation must not be seen as plain reading, rather it should be conceptual and thorough. You should have a very good command over the basics of Civil Engineering. Once you have made your foundations strong, you can sit for the Prelims and then for the Mains. 

Kopykitab advises you to refer to standard textbooks for the beginner phase. Avoid going through difficult textbooks in the beginning. You must follow the same book for a particular subject instead of using different books for the same subject. You can also download the IES civil engineering books pdf from our website. It will also help you for your future reference. 

IES Civil Engineering Preparation Strategy

Make Brief Notes: 

Kopykitab advises all the IES Civil Engineering aspirants to make short notes of the topic they study. Short-note making is a habit that every engineering student must cultivate.

Since there are a lot of things to remember during the preparation, making short and quick notes will help you remember the main points easily. You can remember the formula easily and recall it during the exam time. Also, do not forget to revise these short notes before the exam. 

Revise Regularly Before the Exam: 

All competitive exams like IES, UPSC, GATE, etc. require continuous revision. The IES Civil Engineering exam is surely one of the toughest exams to crack and therefore requires continuous revision.

Revising regularly will help you remember things more easily. Begin your revision at least 30 to 40 days prior to the given exam date. If possible, you must revise at least 3 times before the exam. 

Previous Year Question Papers

To understand the question pattern and nature of the examination, go through previous year question papers of IES Civil Engineering exam. You can get a better idea of the exam pattern if you have gone through the last 5 to 10 years question papers.

At times, you will find that most of the questions are repeated in the previous year’s papers. This will give you an idea about the pattern and types of questions asked for the exam. 

Now that you have the above strategy and UPSC IES Civil Engineering books list with you, you can start preparing for the exam. You must stay focused and keep on revising regularly. Kopykitab also offers pdf downloads for books, mock papers, and previous year question papers. 

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