GATE Scientific Calculator 2019-2020 | Know the Features of Virtual Calculator

GATE Scientific Calculator 2019
GATE Scientific Calculator 2019

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is a National level examination conducted for Engineering graduates. It is an entrance examination for most of the prestigious jobs, and Master courses. In GATE Exam, students are given virtual calculator in order to cut down the cheating. IIT Madras introduced this GATE Virtual Calculator to help students to know features, Do’s and Don’t”s and limitations of this GATE Scientific Calculator. Candidates who are appearing for GATE 2020 Exam are suggested to be well versed with the virtual calculator so that it would be easy to proceed with the exam without a hitch. Here, in this blog, we have provided complete details of the calculator that must be used in GATE Exam.

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GATE Scientific Calculator 2019-2020

The GATE Exam will have a virtual calculator in the place of the physical scientific calculator in the examination hall. The Virtual calculator will be available anytime for use during the examination. 

Practice GATE 2020 Scientific Calculator Here

Do’s of GATE Virtual Calculator 2019

  • Be sure to press [c] when beginning a new calculation.
  • Simply type an equation using parenthesis and other mathematical operators.
  • Use predefined operations such as p(Pi), log, Exp to save time during the calculation.
  • Use memory function for calculating cumulative totals.
  • [M+]: will add displayed value to memory
  • [MR]: will recall the value stored in memory
  • [M-]: subtracts the displayed value from memory
  • Be sure to select the angle unit (Deg or Rad) before beginning any calculation.

Don’t’s of GATE Virtual Calculator 2019

  • Perform multiple operations together
  • Leave parenthesis unbalanced
  • Change the angle unit (Deg or Reg) while performing a calculation.

Limitations of GATE Virtual Calculator

  • Keyboard operation is disabled
  • The output for a factorial calculation is precise up to 14 digits.
  • The output for Logarithmic and Hyperbolic calculations is precise up to 5 digits.
  • Modulus (mod) operations performed on decimal numbers with 15 digits i.e., the mod operation provides best results for smaller numbers.
  • The range of value supported by the calculator is 10(-323) to 10(308)

It is advised for candidates who appear for GATE to practice well from the GATE 2019 Scientific Calculator regularly. This will increase efficiency and familiarity with all functionalities. Apart from these checkout latest GATE Books available online.

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