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GATE Civil Engineering Books

GATE Civil Engineering Books 2022: Preparing for any exam is incomplete without good books and study material. If you are a GATE aspirant and looking for Civil Engineering Books, this blog is for you. You will find the best GATE Books for Civil Engineering 2022 for your GATE Civil Engineering Exam 2022.

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Best Books GATE Civil Engineering Books 2022

GATE Books are central to the preparation strategy of any candidate. Some of the things that candidates need to keep in mind before buying a book for GATE Preparation is that: it should be of the latest possible edition and the latest Exam Pattern and GATE Syllabus 2022 should be followed.

There are a total of 29 subjects in GATE 2022 with the addition of Geomatics Engineering (GE) and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NM).

Here is the list of recommended books for GATE Civil Engineering 2022.

GATE Civil Engineering Books 2022

Civil Engineering (Objective Type)

Objective Civil Engineering

GATE 2017 Civil Engineering Masterpiece with 10 Practice Sets (6 in Book + 4 Online) 4th edition

GATE 2022 : Civil Engineering – Guide

GATE 2022 Civil Engineering – 26 Years Chapter-Wise Solved Papers (1996-2021)

GATE 2022 Civil Engineering – 31 Years Topic Wise Previous Solved Papers

GATE 2021 – Guide – Civil Engineering (New Syllabus Added)

GATE 2021 : Civil Engineering – Solved Papers 2000-2020


Other Recommended GATE Books For Civil Engineering 2022

The recommended best books for GATE Civil Engineering preparation are as follows:

GATE Civil Engineering Books Author
Strength of Material
B. C Punmia, U. C Jindal, R. K Bansal
Structural Analysis – Theory of Structures
S. Ramamrutham & R. Narayan
R.C.C. Design – Reinforced Concrete Design
Devdas Menon & S. Pillai
Design of Steel Structure S.K. Duggal
Environment Engineering S. K Garg
Transportation Engineering
Transportation by Justo Khanna
Soil Mechanics – Basics and Applied Soil Mechanics
Gopal Ranjan & A. S. R. Rao
Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics
Dr. P. N. Modi & Dr. S. M Seth
Fluid Mechanics in SI Units Yunus Cengel
Highway Engineering
S. K. Khanna & C. E. G. Justo
Construction Material and Management
S.C Rangwala, M.L. Gambhir, B. C. Punia
Irrigational Engineering and Hydraulic Structures S.K Garg
Engineering Hydrology K Subramanya
Surveying (vol 1,2 & 3)
B.C Punia, Ashok Jain and Arun Jain
Gate 2022: Civil Engineering Solved Papers Made Easy
Gate Guide Civil Engg. 2022 Gkp
Gate Tutor 2022 Civil Engineering Prasant Dixit
Gate 2022: Civil Engineering Chapterwise Solved Papers: 20 Years
Hitesh Aggarwal
Gate 2022 Civil Engineering Vani Institute
Civil Engineering Gate 2022 30 Years Solution IES Master
Gate Guide Civil Engineering 2022
Hitesh Aggarwal
Gate Paper Civil Engineering 2022 (Solved Papers 2000-2016) GKP

Other Important Information for GATE Civil Engineering 2022 Exam

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GATE Civil Engineering Question Papers

GATE Civil Engineering Study Packages 2022

GATE Civil Engineering Study Packages 2022

GATE Civil Engineering Mock Test Series

GATE Civil Engineering Mock Test Series

GATE Civil Mock Test-1

Gate Civil Environmental Engineering Paper-2 

Gate Civil Transportation Engineering Paper-3

GATE Civil Engineering Medium Test Series 1

Gate Civil Transportation Engineering Paper-1

Gate Civil Water Resource Engineering Paper-1

Gate Civil Geomatics Engineering paper-1

Gate Civil Structural Engineering Paper-1 

Benefits of GATE Civil Engineering Preparation Books 2022

All the GATE mentioned above Civil Engineering Books and Study Materials, you will get benefit in many ways, which are mentioned below:

  1. All the books mentioned in this blog will help you understand and learn all the basic concepts under Gate Civil Engineering. In addition to that, you can highlight the text that you feel is more important from the exam point of view.
  2. To prepare for the exam, you must properly note the examples and pointers given in the book.
  3. The GATE Civil Engineering books will be really helpful for making notes for every topic.
  4. These books and study materials will highlight the important formulae so that you can have a glance at them before your exam.
  5. Many quizzes and mock tests are available; attempt them after every topic you complete.

This is the complete blog on GATE ECE 2022 Books. To know more about the GATE Civil Engineering 2022 Exam, ask in the comments.

FAQs on GATE Civil Engineering Books 2022

Can you suggest to me good books for GATE Civil Engineering Exam 2022?

You can find the list of books in the above blog.

What else can I practice for the upcoming GATE Civil Engineering Exam?

You can find the list of study packages and mock tests in the above blog.

What is the GATE Official Website? is the GATE Official Website.

What are some of the most recommended books for the GATE CE Exam 2022?

The most recommended and the best books for the GATE CE 2022 Exam are as follows:
Design Of Steel Structures by (Edition 3) by SK Duggal
Highway Engineering by S.K. Khanna, C.E.G. Justo
Basics and Applied Soil mechanics (Edition 2) by Gopal Ranjan, A.S.R.Rao

Which book should I refer to for Engineering Mathematics for GATE CE?

You should read Higher Engineering Mathematics (Edition 43) by B.S Grewal for Engineering Mathematics paper.

Which book is good for Environmental Engineering for the GATE CS exam?

One must consider reading the following books for Environmental Engineering for GATE Civil Engineering paper:
Water Supply Engineering(Environmental Engineering Vol.1) (Edition 28) by S.K Duggal
Sewage Disposal And Air Pollution Engineering( Environmental Engineering Vol. 2) (Edition 3) by S.K. Duggal

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