Effects of Electronic Gadgets in Student Life

Effects of Electronic Gadgets in Student life
Effects of Electronic Gadgets in Student life:

In the current world, we can see technology has been an integral part of our lives. It definitely plays an important role in our day to day life. Technology has drastically increased at a fast pace developing new gadgets frequently. From a young age to old age, we see everyone using electronic gadgets. It might be TVs, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and so on. The list goes long if we start listing out each gadget entered into the market. Technology has replaced a human life in various ways including studying. Here, in this article we have discussed the effects of Electronic Gadgets in student’s life.

Electronic Gadgets: Importance of Gadgets To Students | Why are gadgets important to students?

Usage of Electronic Devices for Learning Essay

You can use the most convenient source: your gadget, to expand your education and improve your professional skills. There are few importance of using Electronic Gadgets:


Whether you are a student of the arts or engineering and technology, digital devices play an important role in your academic success. Students of all grades and disciplines can benefit from digital devices. The adaptability of Electronic Gadgets allows each student to personalise them to meet their specific demands.


Studying and comprehension processes take less time with electronic gadgets. Students sit through a lot of lectures and then have a lot of homework to complete. It takes roughly 70 hours each week to complete all of the cognitive activities. Using gadgets can help you save a lot of time.


The majority of kids who use smartphones can handle many tasks at once. For example, a student can record the lecture and listen to the teacher during class. Multitasking can also be developed by taking public transportation and interacting with friends and family, listening to music, or listening to audiobooks.

Fast approach | Electronic Gadgets have made human life effortless

You can contact your friends, coworkers, and relatives at any moment with the aid of gadgets. You may be looking for information or need to share it right away: all you need is your smartphone or tablet and an internet connection.

Developing language skills

Learning with technological devices is also a popular technique to improve writing skills. It is possible to understand the meaning of both native and foreign languages by mastering vocabulary and grammar. Furthermore, gadgets encourage the use of grammar correctors and proofreaders.

Negative Effects of Gadgets to Students | Disadvantages of Gadgets

If electronic gadgets are used in a limit then it has fewer effects on humankind. There are advantages of gadgets as they have made our lives easier but they have disadvantages as well.  We have listed out a few major effects of electronic gadgets used by students.

Increases aggression

Generally, we see kids replicating what they see or hear. Electronic gadgets like TVs, mobiles, laptops show various kind of entertainment shows and much other violent stuff. Even kids involve themselves in surfing unwanted things, chatting and much more. These can result in a huge impact on a kid’s life. Children interaction with the social media and gadgets increases their aggression abruptly. With the increased use of electronic stuff, innocent kid’s can be a victim of themselves.

How technology and gadgets affect studies of students? | Causes Sleep Disorders

Students are so much addicted to mobiles and laptops that they spend whole night playing games, surfing, chatting, so on. This can be dangerous. Parents have educate children on how to use gadgets wisely. Children need adequate sleep to stay active whole day but the current generation children are more on phones and laptops. Moreover, the rays emitted by screens lead to loss of vision. It can cause the problem in the retina and there can be temporary vision loss.

Leads to Obesity

Young kids don’t show interest in playing outdoor games as they are stuck on to the mobiles and tablets. Along with this,  kids tend to eat a lot of junk food without conscious of the amount of intake. This can lead to obesity. They don’t realize at an early stage but they might have to face hurdles in life.

Effects of Electronic Gadgets

Causes hearing Problems

Children and teenagers tend to use mobiles and tablets wearing earphones and headphones with more volume. This will cause damage to their ears and they may become deaf. Wearing earphones is not restricted but you need to maintain less volume and less time. Kids use the phones the whole day with their earphones which is dangerous.

Dries up the eyes

All electronic devices emit light rays which are harmful. Continuously watching electronic devices for a long time may lead to visually impaired. The liquid present in the eyes may dry up and cause a vision problem. It is one of the major impacts of using gadgets.

Increased chances of Cancer

The radiation from electronic gadgets is a cancer-causing agent that may lead to cancer problems. Children may be affected widely with various types of cancers like leukemia, skin, thyroid, breast, and stomach cancers.

Activates back pain

One of the major health issues caused by using gadgets is back pain. Children are unaware of this but it does affect them slowly. Children tend to stick at one place using electronic gadgets continuously for a long time which results in back pain.

Hence, this is an initial warning for children using too many electronic gadgets. It is not mandatory that using gadgets has to be stopped immediately. Instead, use it in a limit. Fix yourself some time for using gadgets and then get back to other work. Do not use gadgets too much.

Hope our blog has made you aware about the consequences of Electronic gadgets in student life. Do keep them in mind and use them wisely.

People Also Ask- Electronic Gadgets

What are the effects of gadgets to students?

Some of the effects of gadgets on students are:
Behavioral problems.
Less time for play and loss of social skills.
Sleep problems.

What will the increase in the usage of electronic devices lead to?

Overuse of a smartphone may result in the development of a repetitive stress injury or overuse syndrome, impairing hand function and causing thumb pain.

What is the cause of using gadgets?

A most important reason for using gadgets to make own’s life or work easier.

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  1. There are several negative effects of excessive gadget in students life. If we can’t stop our small children from excessive use then it may cause severe mental and health problems.


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