CSVTU BE VIII Semester IT Design of Unix Operating System Syllabus


Semester:VIII Branch: Information Technology.

Subject:Design of Unix Operating System

UNIT-1 Introduction:

Introduction to multi-user system, history of UNIX, features & benefits, versions of UNIX, Unix file system,

concept of inode table, links, commonly used commands like who, pwd, cd, mkdir, rm, rmdir, ls, mv, ln,

chmod, cp, grep, sed, awk, tr, yacc etc. getting started (login/logout)

Vi editor: Introduction to text processing, command& edit mode invoking vi, deleting &inserting line,

deleting &replacing character, searching for strings, yanking, running shell command macros, set window,

set auto indent, set no., introduction to exrc file.

UNIT-2 Introduction to Shell Scripts & Awk Programming:

Bourne shell, C shell, shell variables, scripts, Meta characters and environment, if and case statements, for

while and until loops., Awk pattern scanning and processing language, BEGIN and End patterns, AWK

arithmetic and variable built in variable names and operators, arrays, strings.

UNIT-3 General Overview of the System:

System structure, user perspective, O/S Services assumption about Hardware, The kernel and buffer

cache architecture of Unix O/S, System concepts, Buffer headers, Structure of the buffer pool, scenarios

for retrieval of the buffer, Reading and writing disk Blocks, advantage and disadvantage of buffer cache.

UNIT-4 Internal Representation of Files System Calls for the System:

INODES, structure of regular Directories, conversions of a path name to an inode, super block, inode

assignment to a new file, allocation of disk blocks. OPEN, READ WRITE, CLOSE, file and record locking,

File creation, Operation of special files, change directory and change root, change owner and change

mode, STAT and FSTAT, PIPES, Mounting and unmounting files system, Link, Unlink.

UNIT-5 Structures of Processes and Process Control:

Process states and transitions layout of system memory, the context of a process, manipulation of process

address space, sleep process creation/termination,. The user ID of a process, changing the size of a

process. The SHELL.

Text Books:

1. Design of Unix O.S. , Maurice Bach, Prentice Hall of India.

2. Unix Concepts and Applications, Sumitabha Das, Tata McGraw Hill

Reference Books:

1. The UNIX Programming Environment, B.W. Kernighan & R. Pike, , Prentice Hall of India, 1995.

2. Advance UNIX by Steven Prata, a Programming Guide, BPB publication, New Delhi.

3. Unix Bible, Lepage, Yves & Iarrera, Paul, IDG Books, India

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