CSVTU Installation Maintenance & Testing of Elec Equip Syllabus

CSVTU Installation Maintenance & Testing of Elec Equip Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 8th Branch: Electrical Engg.

Subject: Installation Maintenance & Testing of Electrical Equipment’s.

Unit-1 Overview of Site Management, Electrical Safety

Introduction to Site activities; Civil works, Erection, Testing & Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance, Type and Scope of Maintenance, Advantages of programmed preventive maintenance, Safety management, Electrical shocks, Recommended safety precautions against electrical shocks in LV and HV installations, Safety procedure

during commissioning phase and Operation & maintenance phase.

Unit 2 – Transformer I.M.T.

Important steps in maintenance of power transformer, maintenance schedule for attended and unattended transformer, causes of troubles and failure of power transformer, Dispatch and shipping, inspection, storage, procedure of filling oil in transformer tank, drying out, various commissioning tests on a power transformer, typical

maintenance schedule for transformer up to 1000 KVA and above 1000KVA, transformer oil filtration.

Unit 3 – Switchgear, Circuit Breaker I.M.T.

Introduction to switchgears and equipment’s in substation and their functions, Type tests, routine test and commissioning tests, high/low voltage ac circuit breakers (Air, Oil, Vacuum, SF6) possible troubles, causes and remedial actions for outdoor circuit breakers, maintenance of CB (Air, Oil, Vacuum, SF6), Trouble shooting of

substation equipment’s.

Unit 4

Rotating Machines I.M.T.

Standard designation for cooling and degree of protection, Installation and commissioning of introduction motor and rotating machines, drying out of electrical rotating machines, installation resistance measurements, Mechanical maintenance of rotating machines, Care, servicing and maintenance of motor, Troubles, causes, remedies and

protective devices during respective abnormal condition in low voltage induction motor, Testing of induction motors.

Unit 5 – Hotline Maintenance

Meaning and advantages of hot-line maintenance. Special type non conducting materials used for preparing tools for Hot line maintenance, Tools, Various types of Hot- line operations, safety during Hot line maintenance.

Text Books:

Testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of Electrical equipments – S. Rao, 6th Edn. Khanna


Reference Books

Installation maintenance and testing vol. I & II B.V.S. Rao

Installation maintenance and testing of Electrical Equipments by Tarlok S

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