CSVTU BE VII Semester Electrical Engineering Advanced Microprocessors Syllabus

CSVTU BE VII Semester EE Advanced Microprocessors Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 7th Branch: Electrical Engg.

Subject: Advanced Microprocessors


Architecture and Instruction set for 8086: Architecture and pin configuration of 8086, instruction format, addressing modes, data transfer instruction, arithmetic instructions, Branching & Looping Instructions, NOP and Halt, Flag Manipulation Instructions, Logical, shift and Rotate Instruction, Byte and String Manipulation: string Instructions; REP Prefix, Table Translation, Number Format conversions. Assembler Directives and Operators; Assembly Process; Translation of assembler Instructions, Programming of Microprocessor 8086.

UNIT – 2:

System Bus Structure: Basic 8086/8088 system bus architecture, Minimum mode Configuration, Maximum mode Configuration; memory interfacing with 8086/8088 in minimum and maximum mode; system Bus standards. Interrupts of Microprocessor 8086.

UNIT – 3:

 Advanced Microprocessor architecture: CPU 80386 Architecture and functional pin diagram, Function of Bus Interface unit, Execution unit, control unit, Instruction decoder Unit, Segmentation unit & page unit, General purpose Registers, Flag Register, Test & Debug Register, and Pipelining. Addressing mode and Instruction set of microprocessor 80386.

UNIT – 4:

Task and Modes of Operation: Real mode, Virtual Mode, Protected Mode, Page based Virtual Memory, Single level tasks: Segment Register, segment descriptors, Local descriptor table, Global Descriptor Register, Interrupt Descriptor Register, Multilevel tasks: Gate Descriptor, Task state segment, Task switch; Task gate descriptors, Related Instructions, Page descriptors, addressing technique. Address Calculation, Segment and Page Protection, Scaling; Bit Addressing, Programmer invisible register, Cache Memory, Virtual memory, Types of cache.

UNIT – 5:

Multiprocessor Configuration & Interfacing: Numeric data Processor 8087; I/O Processor 8089, Communication between CPU and IOP, Related Instruction; Interfacing and programming of programmable peripheral interface 8255 and programmable interrupt controller 8259 with microprocessor 8086.

Text Books

1. Microcomputer Systems: 8086/8088 Family – Architecture, Programming, and Design; Y.Liu and G.A. Gibson; PHI.

 80386 Microprocessor Handbook: C.H.Pappas and W.H. Murray: Osborne McGraw Hill.

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