CSVTU BE VI Semester EEE Digital Signal Processing Syllabus

CSVTU BE VI Semester EEE Digital Signal Processing Syllabus


Semester: 6th Branch: EEE

Subject: Digital Signal Processing

Total The ory Periods: 40 Total Tut P eriods: Ni l

Total Marks in En d Semester Exam: 80

Minimum nu mber of Class tests to be conducted: 2

Unit-I: Classification of signals an d systems:

Unit-II: Linear Time Inv ariant syst ems:

Unit-III: Discrete and Fast Fourier Tran sforms:

Unit-IV: Infinite Impulse Res ponse (IIR) Filters:

Unit-V: Real ization of Digital Linear systems :

Text Books:

Referen ce books:


Introduction, Classification of signals, singularity Functions, Amplitude and Phase Classification of systems, simple

Manipulation of discrete- time signals, Representation of Systems, Analog- to-Digital Conversion of signals.

Introduction, Properties of DPS systems, Difference equation and its Relationship with system function, Impulse

Response and Frequency Response, Frequency Response.

Introduction, Discrete Convolution, Discrete- Time Fourier Transform (DTFT), Fast Fourier Transform (FFT),

Computing of inverse DFT by Direct DFT, Composite- radix FFT, Fast (Sectioned), Convolution, and correlation.

Introduction, IIR Filters Design by Approximation of derivatives, IIR Filter Design by Impulse invariant Method, IIR

Filter Design by the Bilinear Transformation, Butter worth Filters Chebyshev Filters, Inverse Chebyshev Filters, Elliptic

Filters, Frequency Transformation.

Introduction, Basic Realization Block Diagram, Signal-flow Graph, Basic structure for HR systems, Basic Structure for

FIR Systems. Application of Digital signal Processing, Introduction, Voice Processing, Application to Radar,

Application to Image processing, Introduction to Wavelets.

1. Digital Signal Processing – S.Salivahanan, A. Vallavraj, C. Gnanapriya TMH

2. Digital Signal Processing principles, algorithms and applications, Proakis, Pearson Education.

3. Signal and systems, Oppenheim, PHI

1. Digital Signal Processing – A.V. Oppenheim, Schaffer, PHI

2. Digital Signal Processing, Johny, Johnson, PHI.

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